Pillowtop mattresses have been increasingly popular over the last 10 years or so. Essentially, they are not too different from ordinary mattresses. They are more often than not, pocket coil or innerspring mattresses with varying layers of foams sitting on top. A pillowtop mattress is usually on the softer side however this is not always the case. You can think of the pillowtop as a mattress topper. Why would you use a mattress topper? We use mattress toppers to make our current mattress slightly softer or add more comfort to it. That is exactly what a pillowtop does! The pillowtop portion of the mattress can be filled with either high density foam, cool gel memory foam or natural latex. Pillowtop mattresses are available in all sizes and comfort levels.

Here are some of the key benefits of a Pillowtop mattress:

1. Pressure Relief

Pillowtop mattresses are a fantastic option for especially for side sleepers who may have aches and pains in their pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.

2. Wide Variety

There is a wide variety of pillowtop mattresses so whether you are looking for a soft, medium or firm mattress, you will find it within the pillowtop category.

3. Breathable

Since pillowtop mattresses are mostly pocket coil mattresses, the airflow within the mattress is fantastic. This is a great option for hot sleepers at night.

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