Dreamstar Prestige Mattress
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Dreamstar Prestige Mattress

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Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

Beautiful breathable sof touch feel designed to intensify both air flow and moisture helping to promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface.

Center & Lumbar Support

Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging.

Zone Pocket Coil

Zone pocket coil system is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs in certain areas: head, neck, shoulders, hip, back and legs. With the zone pocket coil system, ideal spinal alignment is achieved.

Bio Gel Memory Foam

Gel infused memory foam not only provides significantly more body support, but it also creates an ideal temperature regulated sleep surface. Breathable construction permits optimal airflow.

Foam encasement with Pocket Coil

360 degrees edge support foam encasement provides greater stability, a comfortable firm sitting edge and reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface while the pocket coils give a substantial support to your body.


Ontario: 3-5 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 5-7 Business Days

  1. Patricia

    Really comfortable and high quality mattress. We love it!

  2. Svetlana

    The best sleep I have ever had, so comfortable!

  3. Dhruv

    Everything about this mattress I like it, really good!

  4. Mital

    Purchasing this mattress has really improved my mattress so definitely it is a really good mattress

  5. Etsuko

    Very prestigious like its name!

  6. Zak.

    This mattress is just how i like it. Soft but not crazy soft.

  7. Rosa

    A very comfortable mattress, reasonable price and it arrived on time.

  8. Jenny H

    Comfortable, cozy and the delivery was on time. Great experience.

  9. Sabina O

    Great mattress!

  10. Heather

    This mattress gives you that luxurious feel and also it gives you great support for pressure points

  11. Bradley

    The delivery and set up service was great, the mattress feels like a revelation.

  12. Georgia W

    Absolutely amazing! It is so comfortable and cool.

  13. Rosalyn

    Comfy, cozy and cool. All around great mattress.

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