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Bed in a Box Mattress
in Canada

Convenient, affordable, and delivered to your door, Bed in a Box mattress in Canada is the easiest way to get sleeping comfort. Each foam mattress is specially packaged and compressed for easy shipping and handling. Simply open the box and the mattress expands to its full size in a matter of hours!

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A bed in a box shakes up the traditional way of mattress shopping. Designed with the buyers’ convenience in mind, the bed in a box lets you shop and purchase a mattress from your device anytime, anywhere.

We will place your mattress of choice in a box and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Welcome to hassle-free mattress shopping!

Choose from a wide array of high-quality and pocket-friendly mattresses. Whether you’re looking for the best memory foam or the most firm organic mattress in a box that Canada has to offer, you can find them all here at Sleep Masters.

Bed in a Box Products


Mattress in a Box Delivery Anywhere in Toronto

If people can get any bed product online including pillows, duvet ,and sheets, then why not a mattress?

You have a busy life and know what kind of features you prefer in a mattress. That’s why we gladly organize Bed in a Box mattress delivery wherever you are in Canada so you can save your time and improve your sleep.

How Does Bed in a Box Canada Work?

Don’t worry, you won’t have a giant mattress-sized box sent to your home. We use a special machine with technology that allows us to compress and roll the mattress into a box that is suitable for standard shipping.

After you spend a few minutes taking out your Bed in a Box Canada mattress and removing the plastic cover, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape.

Benefits of Getting a Mattress Bed
in a Box in Toronto and Across Canada

Now, there is a more convenient option.
By getting a bed in a box, Canada shoppers can experience these advantages:


100-Night Sleep Trial

While many people are often encouraged to “try before you buy,” studies actually show that it’s hard to predict your ideal mattress in a typical showroom setting. That’s why when you shop for one of our mattress in a box products, you can get a 100-night sleep trial to properly see how it feels throughout the night. This is a more effective way of making sure the mattress is good for you.

Easy returns

If a mattress in a box doesn’t feel quite right, a customer can easily return it by contacting us. We will arrange a pick-up and give you a full refund. There is no risk or hassle for you to try one of our mattresses because we know how big an investment it is to get a quality bed so you can sleep well.

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Lower Prices and Shipping

You get the benefits of reduced mattress prices because we can ship the mattress directly from our store to your home. You can skip all of the extra charges and shipping is free to all 10 provinces.

Bed in a Box Canada
Mattress Styles

With our Bed in a Box Canada service, you can choose from our luxury or classic models that are made from high quality and environmentally-friendly materials.

Luxury Mattress in a Box Models

Yes, we’re living in an age where it is possible to get a luxury mattress and the most firm mattress in a box in Canada through your phone or computer.

All of our luxury Dreamstar mattresses are very durable with a longer lifespan than other types of mattresses. Many of the models are made of natural latex that regulates the sleeping temperature of your mattress, provides proper support for your spine and doesn’t transfer motion so you won’t feel a partner’s movements as much.

Classic Mattress in a Box Models

Aurora High Density Foam, The Rock, and Serenity I are our classic models. All of these styles are made with soft cotton feel fibres that provide a balanced temperature by intensifying the airflow.

For the best organic mattress in a box in Canada with a comfort layer that relieves pressure, turn to Sleep Masters. Our classic mattresses are built with soy-based foam that is made from renewable materials.


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