Pocket Coil

Pocket Coil

Pocket coil mattress technology helps you and your partner get the good night’s sleep you both deserve. Individually wrapped pocket coils significantly reduce the motion transfer at the sleep surface whilst also providing excellent support. Get your brand new pocket coil mattress in Toronto from Sleep Masters Canada.

Pocket Coil Mattress Toronto

With this type of mattress, the springs are individually wrapped in a fabric sleeve and only the coils that are pressed down will react. At Sleep Masters, we provide only 100% Canadian made mattresses. Visit Sleep Masters today to purchase your pocket coil mattress in Toronto.

There are different types of mattress coils a customer may prefer, but it’s important to know that not all coils are created equal. With a traditional coil mattress, the metal coils are all connected as a single unit and react together. So when there’s pressure in one area, the surrounding coils will respond too.


Benefits of a Quality
Pocket Coil Mattress

This coil mattress is a popular choice for many
customers for these reasons


Great support for the whole body

Because the coils are independent of each other, they relieve stress on your body’s pressure points and evenly distribute weight while you rest comfortably under your sheets. Our coil mattress lets your muscles relax throughout your body, especially your back.

An important advantage with this type of coil mattress is that it supports your whole body without sinking at the hips, which provides relief at pressure points including the knees, hips, shoulders and head.

Helps maintain natural spinal alignment

Because our pocket coil mattress products provides support along the entire length of the body, this design helps maintain natural spine alignment throughout the night. It’s important to maintain the natural curve of the spine as you rest by sleeping in a way that your head, shoulders and hips are aligned. A good pillow helps achieve this as well.

While sleeping on the back is highly recommended to properly support the spine, people more often sleep in different positions like on their sides or in a fetal position. No matter how you sleep, our coil mattress will properly support your body while you rest because it molds to your body’s shape.


Reduces motion transfer

Many people can’t get a full night’s sleep if they have a bed that allows them to feel every movement their partner makes. Not only does this affect someone’s sleep quality, but it can negatively affect the interaction with their partner over time if this is an ongoing problem.

When one person moves on this kind of mattress, they won’t feel it as much because the springs are independent of each other. Many couples have said that they don’t feel pulled by their partner’s weight with this type of coil mattress.

Cooler sleep

Your body temperature plays a key role in your sleep quality and it changes throughout the day. Sleep happens when our core temperature is dropping. Studies have found that the ideal temperature to fall asleep is around 20°C.

Air flows through a coil mattress which allows you to sleep at a cooler temperature. On the other hand, a warmer core temperature is energizing which is why people often wake up with interrupted sleep from an overheated mattress rather than having too many covers or duvet. This disrupted rest can lead you to feel tired and moody the next day.


Mattress Delivery

If you want convenient delivery from our store, we can provide this service. If you like a bouncier feel on your bed, then shop for a pocket coil mattress.