Pillow Top
Mattress Canada

Pillowtop mattress in Toronto. Combine the soft, cloud-like feel you want with the durable support you need for optimal sleep. Each Pillowtop Mattress Canada has a cushiony layer for extra comfort on top of the balanced support of pocket coils which contour to the body and reduce transfer of movement.



A pillowtop mattress Toronto is a mattress with a few inches of additional padding that’s sewn on top to provide extra comfort. It is often considered to be among the finest type of mattress in the world and for good reason.

Our collection of pillow top mattresses integrate some of the best material so you can get a luxurious sleep. Some of our models integrate organic and sustainably-sourced materials.


Benefits of a Pillow
Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress can make you feel like you’re sleeping on a hotel bed every night. Because this bed style is high quality, people like to pair their mattress with quality sheets, duvet and cover.


Superior comfort

Our classic and luxury pillow top products gently contour your body and automatically adapts to the different pressure points. The mattress will also absorb the movement of your sleeping partner so you won’t have an interrupted rest. The additional cushioning of the pillow top allows for proper support for the spine.

Balanced support

It’s important that mattresses don’t sag and cause pain to our bodies, which is why a customer may shop for a firmer mattress. But a pillow top mattress has a more cushiony feel while still providing excellent support by adjusting to all of the different pressure points.



The reason a pillowtop mattress in Toronto lasts much longer than conventional mattresses is because they return to their original shape after every night you rest. This saves you from flipping the mattress every few years. Our models are built to last a very long time.

We provide delivery for all of our pillow top mattress styles so you can start getting the sleep you deserve.

Our Classic and Luxury
Pillow Top Styles

You can choose among these classic and luxury

pillow top products on our store:

Midnight Comfort

Vanessa 2 sided

Serenity II

Serenity 1

Solace Gel

Some of our pillow top mattress models have these key features:

Center and lumbar support pads

Provides additional reinforcement within the core to ensure that you get proper body support and prevent the mattress from sagging. This is especially helpful for people who have back pain.

Talalay natural latex

Our luxury models have this eco-friendly latex that is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. It provides pressure relief and contouring support while being naturally resistant to dust mite and mold.

Soft cotton feel fibres

These wonderful fibres are designed to intensify air flow to regulate the temperature at the sleep surface. This way, you won’t get interrupted sleep from an overheated mattress.

Zone pocket coil system

This system is designed to match different support needs in certain areas like the head, neck, shoulders, legs, hip and back. The zone pocket coil system ensures proper spinal alignment.

Green bio high density foam

This soy-based foam provides improved durability, support and strength over conven- tional mattress cores. It is also based on renewable materials.