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Beautyrest Harmony Alcove Medium Pillowtop Mattress

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5 out of 10 firmness meter




Beautyrest Harmony Alcove Medium Pillowtop Mattress: A Symphony of Support, Comfort, and Cooling

Introducing the Beautyrest Harmony Alcove Medium Pillowtop Mattress—an exquisite blend of medium support and luxurious comfort, meticulously crafted to elevate your sleep experience and provide a rejuvenating night’s rest.

Advanced Cooling and Moisture-Wicking Fabric:

Enjoy the luxury of a breathable sleep surface that stays cool and comfortable throughout the night, thanks to our specially designed fabric.

Plush Comfort Layers:

Immerse yourself in 2 1/2″ of Plush Comfort Foam, creating a harmonious balance of support and indulgent comfort for a restful sleep surface.

Dynamic Support with Pocketed Coil Technology:

Experience unparalleled support and undisturbed sleep with the 850 Series Single Stranded Pocketed Coil® Technology, offering dynamic support tailored to your body’s needs.

Responsive Contouring with Memory Foam:

Receive personalized support with 1/2″ Beautyrest ActiveResponse™ Memory Foam, providing responsive contouring for a sleep experience uniquely tailored to you.

Enhanced Breathability with AirFeel® Foam:

Indulge in 1 1/4″ of AirFeel® Foam, offering enhanced breathability and airflow for a refreshing and revitalizing night’s sleep.

Stable Foundation for Durability:

The 1″ Base Support Layer ensures a stable foundation, enhancing the mattress’s durability for long-lasting comfort.

Additional Plush Comfort Layer:

Luxuriate in an additional 1/2″ layer of Plush Comfort Foam, adding an extra touch of coziness to your sleep experience.

Precision Support and Edge Reinforcement:

Featuring the Precision Support System™ and BeautyEdge® Foam Edge, this mattress provides targeted support and reinforced edges, ensuring a restful and supported sleep from edge to edge.

Mattress Height:


Elevate your sleep sanctuary with the Beautyrest Harmony Alcove Medium Pillow Top Mattress—a masterpiece of comfort and support. Transform your nights into a haven of relaxation and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Upgrade your sleep experience today!


Ontario: 5-7 Business Days

Canada Wide: 7-10 Business Days

  1. Arhan

    It is the comfort level which does it for me with this mattress. The top is cushy but at the same time you get that firm feeling from underneath and it balances out really well.

  2. Alfonso

    Our experience with this beautyrest mattress has been great from the first night and we are very pleased with it.

  3. Nathalie

    Very comfortable, especially on the pressure points like my shoulders and hips.

  4. Emre

    Purchased this mattress based on a recommendation from a good friend and she was 100% correct. It has the perfect comfort level and for me it works on my back or my sides no problem.

  5. Diyar

    highly recommend it

  6. Farid

    Delivery was on time and very efficient. I am still getting used to the mattress but so far so good.

  7. Alejandro

    This mattress striked a great balance between comfort and firmness and for me it works really good

  8. Aamir

    First time purchasing a mattress online and either I got lucky or i’m just a genius because this mattress has worked like a treat for me.

  9. Mehmet B

    First of all I want to say that you guys have a really good website and it made it very easy for me to select a mattress online without testing it. I can’t believe that more mattress places don’t have a firmness meter on their products, like how are people supposed to know what a mattress feels like without a meter letting us know exactly what comfort level it is. I wanted a medium pillowtop and that’s what I typed in, this was one of the first to pop up and after a little research, I decided to go ahead with it. Boy have I made the right choice, the mattress is exactly what I imagined it would be like.

  10. Eric C

    Thank you guys for everything, you were great from start to finish. Just a shame the mattress didn’t work out but I appreciate all your help. Mattress was just too soft.

  11. M Berne

    This is such a good mattress and I want to say a big thank you to Ali and his delivery team for the incredible service.

  12. Harman

    There’s a reason why these guys are rated so highly. Great advice, great products and great service.

  13. Serenay

    I specifically wanted a medium so that the mattress does not sink too much but is comfortable at the same time but this mattress cannot be medium. As soon as you sit on it you can see how much it sinks so either I got the wrong mattress, or this is not a medium

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