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Modern Comfort Plush Mattress

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Dreamstar Modern Comfort Plush Mattress

Introducing the Dreamstar Modern Comfort Plush Mattress. Where cutting-edge technology meets lavish design to create the epitome of luxurious sleep.

360° Ultra High-Density Foam Encasement

Enveloping you in a cocoon of comfort is the 360° Ultra High-Density Foam Encasement, providing an unparalleled sense of stability and support. This innovative feature not only maximizes the usable surface of the mattress but also reinforces its edges.

9” Double Tempered 13 Gauge Pocket Coil

At the core of this masterpiece lies a 9-inch foundation of double-tempered 13-gauge pocket coils, meticulously designed for responsive support that adapts to your body’s unique contours. Experience the luxury of personalized comfort as each coil works independently, delivering a tailored sleep that caters to individual needs.

DS Signature Double™ Lumbar Support

Elevating the Dreamstar Modern Comfort Plush is the exclusive DS Signature Double™ Lumbar Support. A game-changer in the quest for optimal spinal alignment. This advanced lumbar support system offers targeted reinforcement to the lower back, promoting a healthier posture and reducing pressure points for a restorative night’s sleep.

2” Soy Bio High Density Foam

Indulge in the plush comfort of our 2-inch Soy Bio High-Density Foam, a premium material crafted with sustainability in mind. This layer not only contours to your body with precision but also incorporates eco-friendly soy-based components, offering a guilt-free and luxurious sleep surface.

½ 4lb Temperature Regulating Visco Gel

Indulge in the perfect balance of plushness and temperature regulation with the incorporation of ½ inch of 4lb Temperature Regulating Visco Gel. This premium material not only cradles you in cloud-like softness but also ensures a blissful sleep environment by actively dissipating excess heat, leaving you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

14” Profile

Crowning this opulent creation is the 14-inch Profile, combining a sleek aesthetic with sumptuous comfort. Transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility with the Dreamstar Modern Comfort Plush Mattress. A testament to uncompromising quality, advanced sleep technology, and unparalleled luxury. Elevate your sleep experience to new heights with a mattress designed for those who demand the extraordinary.


Ontario: 3-5 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 5-7 Business Days


Twin/Single: 38″ x 74″ x 14″
Twin XL/Single XL: 38″ x 80″ x 14″
Full/Double: 54″ x 74″ x 14″
Full XL/ Double XL: 54″ x 80″ x 14″
Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 14″
King: 76″ x 80″ x 14″

  1. Sharon

    This is definitely a good quality mattress and you can really feel that but I was expecting it to be more plush. I will give it 4 star overall.

  2. Yuni

    Very good quality and perfect comfort level for me. I love it so far!

  3. Fiorella

    Extremely comfortable and supportive. Better price than most other mattresses around too!

  4. Eden S

    Definitely a 5 star! This is not the first time we purchased this mattress and probably will not be the last.

  5. Noah

    No more back or neck pain thanks to this mattress.

  6. Kirstn

    My husband and I really like the comfort of this mattress and finally it feels good to have zero motion transfer when he moves around!

  7. Patricia

    Very happy with my mattress, was delivered on time and the guys put it in my room for me.

  8. Amanda

    Delivery was really easy, the guys were very efficient and the mattress itself is great but we already knew that because this is our second Modern Comfort Plush mattress.

  9. Sofiane

    This is a beautiful mattress, you can really feel a strong support but the pillowtop makes it really nice and comfortable

  10. Elysia

    We actually have 3 of these mattresses and everybody loves them!

  11. Steven Turner

    Really happy with it, thank you Sleep Masters!

  12. Denzel

    The moment I tried this mattress I knew it was the one. I have had it now for 2 weeks and it is just phenomenal, honestly look forward to going to bed every single night.

  13. Pedro

    It’s a great mattress, I was nervous about making a purchase online without testing it but my doubts are completely gone!

  14. Angela

    Probably the best mattress I have owned.

  15. Khansa

    Very satisfied with this mattress and I am also very impressed with the delivery service. They even took away our old mattress set for a small fee.

  16. Staciah

    Breathtakingly comfortable, would HIGHLY recommend it.

  17. Alessane

    Such a comfortable mattress and not a bad price either. I was expecting to pay alot more for a good mattress!

  18. Ann

    I love this mattress. After sleeping on a regular tight top mattress for years I decided to go with a more plush pillowtop mattress and this mattress has just been great to me!

  19. Merima

    We purchased this mattress for our 10 year old son after moving him from a single to a full size mattress. The mattress is great and communication with Sleep Masters was perfect. One thing I wasn’t aware of which I wish I was told is that when you get this mattress rolled up and delivered in a box, it takes a good 4-5 hours for it to gain it’s full shape. We unboxed it in the evening and it was almost midnight before my son was able to use the mattress. Not that this is their fault, I just wish I was told about it.

  20. Serena

    Love our new mattress! Customer service was also great! Thanks to Sleep Masters Canada, me and my partner are waking up a happy couple every morning.

  21. Fatema

    Very good mattress, comfortable and good price

  22. Sarah

    Love this mattress so much that I just purchased a second one for my kids room.

  23. Sadio

    I can’t believe it says plush when the mattress definitely is not plush. Our mattress was a medium at best.

  24. Kasia

    Super comfy, definitely recommend

  25. Nadia

    Finally after changing my mattress 3 times in the last year I’ve found a mattress that doesn’t make me sweat. I’m really happy with it all guys thank you so much!!

  26. Edwin

    Recently took the plunge on this mattress. Was hesitant because it was an online purchase, but it was a smooth experience and is a fantastic mattress.

  27. Raj V

    I purchased this mattress because my old one was starting to hurt my back but this new one also did not make my back pain any better. I do however appreciate your service so I will give it 3 stars.

  28. Bill M

    If I could give it 10 stars, I would give it 10 stars! This is a beautiful mattress, super comfortable, no odor or off gassing, supportive, good price and wow what a delivery team. You guys rock!!!!

  29. Phoebe

    Best mattress I have ever had, it is so comfortable and the fact that it never gets hot just makes it feel so cozy so I sure do recommend it.

  30. Siroush

    Ordered 2 doubles and it came rolled up in a box which I was worried about because I didn’t know you can roll coil mattresses like that. It was a little difficult to unpack because the mattresses are quite heavy but it turned out to be perfect.

  31. Elena

    My mistake I should have tested the mattress out before ordering it. Was not as plush or comfortable as I thought it would be.

  32. Aaron

    We got two doubles for our girls and they both love the mattresses. I was also happy to see that the mattresses had no off gassing which we were worried about but there was nothing noticeable.

  33. Enid D

    This is the best mattress I have had in a long time and I would highly recommend it

  34. Ceprail

    Although I don’t think it is too plush, I still think it is really comfortable.

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