Bed in a Box

With the bed in a box mattresses growing in popularity, manufacturers have increased their production and improved their bed in a box technologies to offer a wider variety of mattresses. It used to be that only foam mattresses were available as a bed in a box. However, now some mattress companies can even roll pack pocket coil mattresses! This is fantastic for the consumer since it offers a wider variety, which in turn lowers the overall pricing for bed in a box mattresses. Whether you are looking for a memory foam, natural latex or a hybrid mattress with pocket coils, we have you covered! You will also find mattresses with various firmness levels to suit your preferences.

It is true that most bed in a box mattresses are made using memory foam. All of our memory foam mattresses use gel infused memory foam for a much cooler sleep surface. This is especially important for the softer memory foam mattresses which can retain more heat in the pressure points. You will also find a variety of natural latex mattresses which are excellent for pressure relief and breathability.

If shopping for a new mattress at a store is simply not an option for you, ordering a new mattress in a box is your best bet! Shop from the comfort of your own home and receive your new mattress conveniently in a box. All you have to do now is unbox the mattress and let it decompress! If you require any further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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