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Dreamstar Monaco Mattress

Introducing the Dreamstar Monaco Mattress – a masterpiece of comfort and support.

Dynamic 9” Double Tempered 13 Gauge Pocket Coil:

Elevate your sleep foundation with our dynamic 9-inch Double Tempered 13 Gauge Pocket Coil system. Designed for precision and durability, this advanced coil technology offers responsive support that contours to your body, ensuring a personalized and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

DS Signature Double™ Lumbar Support:

Experience the next level of back support with our exclusive DS Signature Double™ Lumbar Support. Engineered to provide targeted reinforcement to the lumbar region, this feature promotes proper spinal alignment, alleviating pressure points and contributing to a more restorative sleep.

Sumptuous 1.5” Soy Bio High-Density Foam:

Indulge in the plush comfort of our sumptuous 1.5-inch Soy Bio High-Density Foam. Meticulously crafted with sustainability in mind, this eco-friendly foam layer cradles your body with gentle yet resilient support, enhancing the overall comfort of the mattress.

Luxurious 1” Ultra-Soft High-Grade Visco Foam:

Experience the epitome of luxury with our 1-inch Ultra-Soft High-Grade Visco Foam. This premium foam layer embraces you in cloud-like softness, providing an unparalleled sleeping surface that conforms to your body’s unique contours for a truly lavish night’s sleep.

Sleek 12” Profile Euro Top:

Indulge in the opulence of the Dreamstar Monaco’s sleek 12-inch Profile Euro Top. This exquisitely designed mattress not only delivers superior comfort but also adds a touch of sophistication to your sleep sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of sleep luxury with the Dreamstar Monaco Mattress. From its innovative coil system to the exclusive lumbar support and the lavish Euro Top, every detail is meticulously crafted to provide you with a sleep experience that transcends the ordinary. Redefine your nights; experience the allure of unparalleled comfort and support with the Dreamstar Monaco Mattress.


Ontario: 3-5 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 5-7 Business Days


Twin/Single: 38″ x 74″ x 12″
Twin XL/Single XL: 38″ x 80″ x 12″
Full/Double: 54″ x 74″ x 12″
Full XL/ Double XL: 54″ x 80″ x 12″
Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 12″
King: 76″ x 80″ x 12″

  1. Ben J.

    Really comfortable mattress for a great price. Thank you also for the quick turnaround.

  2. Egle

    I got a double for my condo and it is really comfortable. Best sleep I have had in a long time.

  3. Joshua

    Quality mattress and really comfortable. Good price too with free delivery. Recommend it!

  4. Franco

    I honestly did not think it was possible to get a high quality mattress like this one for such a great price. I really recommend!

  5. Sharon & Curtis

    We have 2 of the Monaco mattresses at our cottage and we love it. Great mattress.

  6. Marsha

    Very hard to find a good quality and comfortable mattress for a good price but this is exactly what I was looking for!

  7. Gwen B.

    A very good mattress and the service from Sleep Masters was incredible.

  8. Stuart

    I replaced a very cheap mattress with this one and it is a huge upgrade. This mattress is even better than I expected, I highly recommend.

  9. Vincenzo

    Very comfortable and I think it is a good price. I am happy with it.

  10. Mona

    Purchased this mattress online and I absolutely love it!

  11. Louis-David B

    We got this mattress on sale for our son and he loves it. We also tried it out in store ourselves and looks really good and the price is great too.

  12. Sanjeev

    Outstanding mattress for the price, cannot complain.

  13. Hazel

    This is such a comfortable mattress and the service was also excellent. The delivery was prompt and on time, great communication and overall very happy.

  14. Nagarjun

    Really comfortable mattress and works great for me (Side sleeper).

  15. Annie T

    Great quality, great price and excellent service. Cannot ask for much more.

  16. Tinashe

    We like the mattress and the price is good too. Just one thing I would say is that sometimes I can feel the wife when she moves. But other than that it”s good.

  17. Bobby

    Definitely worth it I say

  18. Virgilio C

    I bought 2 doubles for my sons and they are really happy with it. I can certainly confirm that they are sleeping better!

  19. Karinne

    Tried it in the store, loved it and ordered it. It arrived in 3 days and the delivery guys were in and out in a flash. We really didn’t do anything other than open the door, they unwrapped the plastic bag and placed it onto our bed frame. Super service.

  20. Dragana

    Can’t argue with it, good mattress and good price

  21. Ismael

    Went into the showroom with a budget and I was open with my budget. The gentlemen showed me a few options that would work best for me, I tried them and decided that this was the one. So far, I am really happy with my choice.

  22. Phillip P

    This is our third Monaco mattress and we will probably be back for more. Really comfortable, we love it, the kids love it and it just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend $2000 to get a good sleep.

  23. Cassandra

    Comfortable, not too heavy and a good price.

  24. Lisa

    I love it! I have struggled with aches for years on so many mattresses and this one has fixed it. I have tons of energy now and I’m heading into my 40’s feeling so much better.

  25. Filipa

    Best mattress I have had in a long time and I am sleeping so much better. I think one of the reasons I am sleeping much better is also the really good price I got for the mattress haha!

  26. Jobina P

    First time in years that I am finally sleeping well!

  27. Melinda

    Honestly it is better than I thought it would be!

  28. Leon

    This is up at our cottage, we only sleep on it a few nights a month but everytime we do we love it. Cannot argue with the price and the delivery either.

  29. Ewander

    Very good mattress!!

  30. Riley

    We have a couple of antique beds and we needed a custom sized mattress. Sleep Masters made this mattress for us in custom size perfectly for our antique bed and it is amazing.

  31. Jayce

    Went in to try this mattress in the store and I was sold within 30 seconds because the comfort is great and it was right about where I wanted to be in terms of budget so I really didn’t have to think much. I would recommend it for sure.

  32. Jylsa

    We tried a few online mattress in a box models and we couldn’t find the right mattress. We contacted Sleep Masters and the gentlemen on the phone recommended this model. Since night one I was in love with this bed, so unbelievable comfortable, cool and I haven’t had a ache or a pain since! Very very happy with this purchase.

  33. Ling J

    Comfortable, very supportive and very quick delivery time.

  34. Margaret

    I’m a senior and I’ve had a lot of problems getting a good night’s sleep. But since I got my mattress from Sleep Masters Canada, I’ve been sleeping like a baby!! It’s very comfortable and no pressure points. Bravo!!!

  35. Shiva

    Didn’t like the mattress too much, it’s soft but it doesn’t feel like the right type of soft. Difficult to explain but I do appreciate their delivery service which was great it’s just the mattress was not the one for me.

  36. Letizia

    I was due for a new mattress after my last one going for almost 10 years. I usually go for medium but when I visited the store I told them I mostly sleep on my sides and they recommended that I go for something a little softer than a medium. Ended up with the Monaco mattress and it has been so great for me.

  37. Leitizia

    Comfortable but it arrived late

  38. Ekrem

    Purchased this mattress almost two weeks ago and honestly it seems to get better with each night. I guess my body is adapting more to the new mattress but I do recommend it for sure.

  39. Isabelle

    This mattress has been a game changer for me! Great mattress, great price, I highly recommend!

  40. Ayah F

    I wasn’t too sure what to expect because the reviews for this mattress are outstanding but the price is so good that I thought it can’t be all that. Now I have one myself and I can confirm all of the above reviews, it’s actually crazy for a mattress that feels this good to be this cheap.

  41. Lee R

    At this price range I can’t believe that people could be complaining about this mattress. Is it the most comfortable thing I have laid on, maybe not but it definitely is still very comfortable and that price is unbeatable for God’s sake.

  42. Alison M

    It’s not a bad mattress tbh but I was under the impression that a pocket coil mattress kills the movement across the mattress so that if my partner moves around I don’t feel anything but I do on this mattress. Nothing crazy but I can definitely feel a slight bounce when he moves.

  43. Stipe

    Very comfortable mattress and I can’t really argue with the price either!

  44. Joanne

    The person I spoke to on the phone said that this is one of their most ordered mattresses and now that I have mine, that is no surprise. For this kind of comfort at this price point it makes total sense.

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