Dreamstar Natural Escape Firm Mattress for Sale
Dreamstar Natural Escape Firm Mattress Toronto

Dreamstar Natural Escape Firm Mattress

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Estimated delivery on 28 September - 1 October, 2023


Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

Beautiful breathable sof touch feel designed to intensify both air flow and moisture helping to promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface.

Comfort Layers

Quilted layers of foam and downy fibers combined with optimal support create specific structural properties that can help reduce tossing and turning and allow for improved pressure relieving comfort.

GOLS Certified 100% Natural Latex

Our Eco-friendly Latex is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and naturally dust, mite, mold and mildew resistant. Latex provides a comfortable breathable sleeping surface with contouring support and pressure relief.

Green Bio High Density Foam

Soy based bio foam offers improved durability, strength and support over conventional foam cores. Based on natural renewable materials, soy foam provides higher level of comfort.


Ontario: 3-5 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 5-7 Business Days


Twin/Single: 38″ x 74″ x 12″
Twin XL/Single XL: 38″ x 80″ x 12″
Full/Double: 54″ x 74″ x 12″
Full XL/ Double XL: 54″ x 80″ x 12″
Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 12″
King: 76″ x 80″ x 12″

  1. Natasha

    My husband and myself are both back and side sleepers and we absolutely love this mattress. We highly recommend this mattress.
    Natasha & Will.

  2. Leo

    Such a beautiful mattress, I can’t say enough about this mattress. I highly recommend to anyone who loves a firm but very comfortable mattress.

  3. Jill

    This is the favorite mattress I have ever owned. I was looking for a firmer mattress but something that was also very comfortable at the same time. This mattress was just a perfect fit for me.

  4. Sandra

    Really good quality mattress and the price is definitely lower than what it should be.

  5. Thomas

    This is the best mattress I have ever purchased hands down!

  6. Zeva

    This mattress is very comfortable and clearly very durable. I would recommend.

  7. Michele

    Firm but very comfortable. It feels super comfortable in all positions.

  8. Martine

    I have so many good things to say about this mattress that it would take too long. Let me just say that I am VERY happy and I will recommend it highly!

  9. Brandi F

    This was a blind purchase for me as I did not try it out in the store first. I was a little nervous but now I can tell you it is incredible! It definitely does feel firm but it’s also just super comfortable and supportive at the same time. They have nailed it with this mattress.

  10. Marie

    This mattress is very comfortable and my back problems have been gone ever since I started using this mattress.

  11. Sheh K

    Really a great product. Firm but not too firm and still extremely comfortable.

  12. Tyler H

    This has got to be one of the best mattresses I have ever had. You feel the support but also the comfort at the same time. Really helps that it has the handles on the sides too as I am a senior and it helps with rotating the mattress.

  13. Judith

    Comfortable from the first night, this mattress feels superiorly supportive without feeling too firm.

  14. Gregory

    very satisfied. I ordered my mattress on February 2nd and it was delivered February 6th. I’d say that’s pretty quick delivery time. Unpacked the mattress and set it on my bed waited close to a week to sleep on it just because of work situation and it was quite comfortable. It takes a few sleeps to get used to ,for me anyway , I guess it was due to no lumps and bumps that I was accustomed to with my old mattress. very satisfied

  15. Miriam

    We have been sleeping on this mattress for 5 months now and it is still very comfortable.

  16. Dominic

    I’ve had the best sleep ever since, highly recommend it.

  17. Coreen

    I am really happy with this mattress
    It is firm but very comfortable at the same time
    No noise or motion, really recommend it.

  18. Susan L

    It’s a really great mattress, I will be recommending this to everyone.

  19. Lauren

    We absolutely love this mattress. I thought it may take me some time to get used to it but nope, from the very first night it has just been perfect.

  20. Brian G

    My wife and I are really enjoying this mattress. Glad we did our research before purchasing and decided to go with this one.

  21. Gerald

    Very comfortable mattress, my wife and I are both back sleepers and it works perfectly for us.

  22. Sonya

    We’ve been looking for a good quality latex mattress for a while and we wanted one with no coils. We tested out the natural escape firm and right away we decided to buy it. I would recommend it for sure.

  23. Annie

    This was too firm for me although it showed to be a medium firm. However I am happy with the service as they allowed me to return it and exchange for a medium model with no hassle.

  24. Chantal

    Designed to suit all manner of body shapes, weights and sleeping positions, we can vouch it worked for us. Thank you Sleep Masters.

  25. Sergio

    If you like the bouyant feel of a latex mattress and you also like something quite firm then no doubt you will love this mattress

  26. Julie

    This mattress feels like it is getting more comfortable with every sleep. It was a little too firm at first but I think once my body adjusted to the new firmness it’s just been getting better and better.

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