Natural Latex

Natural latex mattresses are increasingly gaining popularity and this comes as no surprise. Just the word ‘natural’ alone is enough to make you stop and start considering this option. There are a wide variety of mattresses available on the market and since you spend one third of your life in bed, you want to make the correct choice. Natural latex mattresses come with a whole list of benefits. Below, we will cover some of the main reasons why more and more people are turning to a natural latex mattress.

Most Durable

Without a doubt, natural latex mattresses are the most durable in comparison to to any other type of mattress. We are yet to see a latex mattress last less than 10 years. You will not only see the durability of a latex mattress in the long run but also in its day to day use. The elasticity of the latex allow the mattress to regain its original shape as soon as you get off the mattress.

Heat Regulation

If you have ever seen natural latex foam, you will notice right away that it has plenty of little holes all over. This allows for supreme air ventilation and allows for a more comfortable sleep temperature at the surface of the mattress. Latex mattresses are usually covered with organic cotton and/or bamboo fabric which only add to the breathability of the mattress.

Varying Comfort Levels

Since there are varying comfort levels for latex mattresses, anyone can find great comfort and pressure relief in a latex mattress. Whether you are looking for a soft, medium or firmer mattress, you are sure to find a natural latex mattress to suit your needs.

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