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Organic Meadow Mattress

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Medium Firm




The Organic Meadow Mattress features the finest raw materials, such as GOLS Certified Organic Latex, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Wool. The support system is an orthopedic-designed zoned pocketed coil spring for ideal spinal alignment. Every mattress is hand-tufted, a time-honoured traditional technique that holds all of these natural and organic materials together, preventing shifting, clumping and body impressions as no glues, water-based solvents or chemicals are used in the production of this TRULY CANADIAN Masterpiece.

Organic Latex

This mattress features only GOLS Certified Organic Latex. This 100% latex sap from the natural rubber tree is sustainably harvested, offering tremendous elasticity, strength, and durability for the best high-performance materials.

Organic Cotton

Then we have the GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton covers, cover every mattress. Cotton is highly breathable and absorbs moisture aiding in temperature regulation to reduce thermal imbalance, the leading cause of tossing and turning. Triple Stitched organic cotton handles are added to make rotating or moving your mattress as easy as possible.

Organic Wool

Generous layers of GOTS Certified Organic Wool on top wick moisture away from the body regulating heat and humidity for a more temperature-balanced night’s sleep. Soft needle tufted rosettes from Organic Wool ideally bind organic materials together without the use of glues or adhesives, preventing body impressions, shifting, or clumping; this 17th-century method has been a hallmark and time-honoured tradition of making natural and organic mattresses for many years in Canada.


  • 14″ Profile
  • Medium Comfort Level
  • Organic Cotton Covering; GOTS Certified and Made in Canada.
  • Organic Latex; Certified by GOLS
  • Organic Wool; Certified by GOTS and OEKO TEX Standard Product Class 1
  • Leggett and Platt Quantum 3 Zone Pocketed Coil Sleep System
  • Adjustable Bed Friendly
  • Made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Roll Packed for Convenient Shipping if Required
  • Available in All Sizes (Custom Available Upon Request)
  • Ships Across Canada


Ontario: 3-5 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 5-7 Business Days


Twin/Single: 38″ x 74″ x 14″
Twin XL/Single XL: 38″ x 80″ x 14″
Full/Double: 54″ x 74″ x 14″
Full XL/ Double XL: 54″ x 80″ x 14″
Queen: 60″ x 80″ x 14″
King: 76″ x 80″ x 14″

  1. Shelley

    This mattress is such a good price for the quality. You can trust me ladies and gentlemen, you are going to love this mattress!

  2. Nick

    I have never slept so good. Now I really understand how much a good quality mattress helps!

  3. Nicole S.

    This mattress is honestly an incredible mattress. This should cost way more but I am not complaining!

  4. Dave P.

    A very well made mattress with great comfort. You will not regret purchasing this mattress for sure.

  5. Elizabeth

    Since sleeping on this mattress I have actually asked myself why I never found this mattress before. We actually found out about this mattress at a hotel that we were staying in that had this mattress. Then we found it at Sleep Masters and I am so glad we did!

  6. Lilliana

    This mattress is money well spent! Very comfortable and supportive for a price that I was really surprised about!

  7. Kathleen

    We received our mattress a week ago and we are so happy with it so far!

  8. Milena

    Awesome mattress and a great price. I recommend it!

  9. Bonnie

    Very comfortable and for me the most important thing is that it is cool at the sleep surface. I cannot sleep on hot mattresses but this one is beautiful.

  10. Crystal D

    Purchased this mattress in a full size for our daughter and she loves it a lot.

  11. Makenzie

    I feel blessed every night when I go to sleep on this mattress. It just feels cool, comfortable and supportive all in one.

  12. Jake

    I love this mattress so much. It is really well constructed and supremely comfortable. Would recommend!

  13. Angela D

    A great nights sleep every night and also great with motion transfer which is important since my kids always end up in my bed at night.

  14. Gabrielle M

    Great quality mattress and to be honest I really love it but I will say that our delivery took a little longer than what it says in the delivery policy above. I would recommend calling to make sure it is in stock first.

  15. Melissa V

    Such a comfortable mattress we are loving it so far.

  16. Harneet

    I love it!!

  17. Charlotte

    Should be called ‘Simply Luxurious’. Because that’s how it feels!

  18. George

    Great value for money. Really comfortable and supportive and bare in mind I find it difficult to find a good mattress. Really happy with this one.

  19. Carla

    Best sleep I have had in years

  20. Lisa Z

    I’ve had this mattress before and I was worried because I wanted the same one and I thought it had been discontinued. So happy that I found it here, purchased it right away.

  21. Steven E

    By far the best mattress i have ever owned

  22. Julie L

    I honestly feel like this mattress is getting more and more comfortable everytime I sleep on it.

  23. MJ

    This mattress is top quality.
    I’ve tried a $6000 mattress at Sleep Country when I was looking to replace an old one and I couldn’t tell a difference.
    I highly recommend this product.

  24. Howard

    My family and I have 2 of these Organic Meadow mattresses and we are very happy. Cannot go wrong.

  25. Penny D

    Great mattress and price

  26. Pat

    I actually found this mattress at another store and when I did some research on it I then found it on here at a better price so ordered it right away. It’s a great mattress and I really appreciate the service!

  27. Alina

    We are so happy with our new mattress and also want to thank Ali and Baris for helping us out choose the right mattress.

  28. Ruigi F

    Delivery was on time and seemless and the mattress just seems to be the perfect fit, really comfortable.

  29. Roberta

    Sleep Masters gives incredible service and products. We are really happy with our new mattress

  30. Robert J

    This has honestly been a fantastic purchase for me, I am very happy with this mattress, its extremely comfortable and durable, Sleep Masters has very good mattresses’ and beds. Definitely recommend.

  31. Becca

    Exceptional. It’s one of the highest-scoring mattresses we’ve tested in years.

  32. Kathy

    I had been waking up with an aching back every morning from my old mattress. I have had no pain at all since I have been sleeping on this organic mattress and I have been sleeping so well for the past month.

  33. Fernando

    As someone who tends to toss and turn throughout the night, finding the right mattress was crucial for me. I’m so glad I went with this mattress as it provides just the right amount of support and cushioning, allowing me to sleep soundly without any disturbances

  34. Nadia

    This is the best mattress we have owned by a clear mile. Not much more we can say about it!

  35. Mark G

    Delivered on every promise, outstanding mattress.

  36. Elias P

    Very expensive and honestly didn’t want to spend this much but you can tell right away the quality is so good. Probably worth it in the long run.

  37. Alain

    Nothing negative to say about the mattress it’s quite incredible actually but I asked for my mattress to be delivered in a box so that I could then take it to the cottage myself, and I was told that would be no problem but when it arrived it wasn’t rolled up in a box.

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