Memory Foam Mattress for Kids

Memory Foam Mattress for Kids: Is it Good?

A memory foam mattress for kids can contribute a lot to their health. One of the major responsibilities of parents is to constantly make sure that their kids are in good health and in perfect condition. You have to constantly check and double-check food items, toys, drinks, TV channels, video games and more. This is the only way that you can make sure it’s suitable and not harmful to them. It is a huge task and can be pretty exhausting but it comes with the job description of being a mom or a dad. Without proper information, you can’t make good decisions concerning them. 

The same thing goes for a memory foam mattress for kids. Just as sleep is important for adults, it is even more important for kids. It is vital for them because it directly impacts their growth and development. Therefore, the importance of their mattress’ ability to provide comfort and support cannot be overstated. 

When shopping for your kid’s mattress, you should look out for a mattress that; provides support for their changing sizes because they will keep growing, encourages good posture and provide a clean, healthy and comfortable night sleep. 

To that end, most people wonder if a memory foam mattress for kids is right. Will it be perfect for all of their sleeping positions? Does it offer comfort and support? Keep reading to find out more about more!


What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

This mattress is popular for its remarkable support and comfort. It combines a layer of memory foam with support foam and uses the heat from your body to soften and mould the mattress to your shape. Therefore, provides remarkable support and comfort. When you get off the bed, the mattress will bounce back. Over time,  it will remember your body shape and your sleeping position, adjusting itself to make your sleep more comfortable. This is where the name ‘memory foam’ is derived.


Why Memory Foam Mattress is Good for Your Kids 

Are you wondering whether a memory foam mattress for kids is good, the answer is a huge “Yes”.  You can one from an online mattress store. For infants and toddlers, you would have to take extra care and put some safety measures in place. However, for most kids and teens, this type of mattress is perfect. 

A big plus is that you don’t have to worry about chemicals. There are eco-friendly plant-based memory foam beds that offer an alternative that combines health and comfort for your kids. It is a safer option than standard spring beds. Here is why you should buy one for your kids:

It is allergy-friendly 

A memory foam mattress for kids is made of polyurethane. This material is made of fibres and is hypoallergenic. Therefore, irritants like dust mites are not attracted to them. This makes it highly suitable for your children. 

Unlike regular mattresses, the dense composition prevents the accumulation of allergens. So, if you have kids that have childhood allergies or are diagnosed with asthma, you should definitely buy a bed with memory foam. 

It is affordable and comfortable

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to get your children mattresses. A memory foam mattress is very affordable. They cost less and you save even more when you buy from an online mattress store. 

A memory foam mattress for kids will provide them with so much comfort, one that is much needed after the exhaustive day kids typically have. Also, it fits nicely on low platforms. This way, your child won’t have a problem getting in and out of bed.

It is durable

Asides from being very affordable, these types of mattress is cost-effective because it doesn’t wear out easily. We understand that kids like to indulge in many physical activities both in and out of the bedroom. One particular thing most kids enjoy doing is jumping on the bed. They do it from time to time and this activity ends up wearing out the mattress. More often than usual, the bed thins out easily and needs to be changed sooner rather than later.

Memory foam mattresses are no fun to jump on. This fact firstly reduces the frequency at which your kids will jump on it. And even if they do, they will not prematurely break down the composition of the mattress in their bid to turn it into a trampoline. 

Also, a memory foam mattress has a relatively long lifespan. Most times the longevity varies, based on the quality of memory foam used and how much care you give to it. Averagely, the lifespan of memory foam is about seven years.

It provides optimal support for spinal growth 

The memory foam mattress is notable for the optimal support and comfort it provides, which is extremely important for a child. What matters most for a child during sleep is adequate spine support for that child. When sleeping, the neck and spine have to be in a neutral position. Asides from minimizing stress for your kids, this support allows your child’s spine to grow without restrictions.  

According to experts, a child’s spine can grow up to 1.5cm during the night. This growth is from the intervertebral discs that are in between their vertebrae filling up with water. It is because of this growth that the mattress they sleep in has to provide adequate support for their spines. The mattress has to be soft and comfortable but not too soft so that they don’t completely sink into it when they sleep. This is exactly what memory foam beds offer.

It provides pain relief 

These mattresses provide health benefits by relieving pain, body aches and soreness. The pressure relief it gives helps the body to recover easily from injuries. 

Memory foam evenly distributes body weight in order to reduce the pressure from the heaviest parts of the body. This helps to relieve body pains and aches and at the same time promote better blood circulation while your kids sleep. 

When there is a pain in the body, the temperature around that part of the body will be slightly higher. Once the memory foam detects the difference, it will mould to the body accordingly and cause relief. Your kids will easily heal from their injuries and also receive maximum relief while they sleep. 

It limits and reduces movements

Once your kids lie in bed, memory foam contours to their body shape. This, in turn, creates a personal sleep zone for them. This greatly reduces turning and tossing which happens to kids a lot when they sleep. 

This is a great feature if your kid likes to get into bed with you. Sleeping with a kid who turns and tosses will not be a problem with this type of mattress. This is because movements or vibrations on one side of the bed will not affect the other side 

It has comfort warranty 

Most online mattress stores offer a comfort warranty on this type of mattress. This is beneficial in case your child does not sleep well in it. You will get to either return or trade it for a more comfortable one. The warranty is important because there’s no other way for you to find out if your child likes the mattress except they sleep in it. 

Memory foam offers temperature-control support 

Body temperature can affect the quality of sleep. Memory foam mattresses are manufactured with temperature-sensitive materials that allow the mattress to adjust to your weight and body heat. While sleeping, your body often generates heat. When this happens, the memory foam will become softer so you can enjoy better sleep. 

Perfect for all body sizes

Memory foam fully contours to your body shape. No matter the weight, height or size of your kid, the foam will change to accommodate and make them more comfortable.

It is suitable for all sleeping positions 

All memory foam mattresses are adaptive and have supportive properties perfect for all types of sleeping positions. Therefore, no matter how your kids sleep, they will always feel comfortable in their beds.



The basic sleep needs of your kids will be met by a memory foam mattress. It is a smart alternative to a traditional mattress. Also, the additional comfort and support it provides are top-notch. The fact that they also last longer than traditional mattresses is another huge plus. 

A memory foam mattress for kids will be a great choice! It will help your children get good sleep and prevent them from waking up at different points during the night.

Are you looking to buy a mattress for your kids? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch. Our online mattress store has a wide selection of mattresses for you to pick from. Contact us today!