Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Softer

How to Make Your Memory Foam Mattress Softer

So, you finally got your memory foam mattress delivered to your home but it turns out, it’s not as soft as you imagined it to be. Perhaps you made the mistake of not trying out all your sleeping positions before buying it and now you are uncomfortable because it is too hard. 

It may be that the bed is already set up in your bedroom and there is no return or refund policy at the online mattress store. No matter what the case may be, there are ways to make your bed soft and comfortable.

Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam. It was designed by NASA in the mid-1960s and made from polyurethane. In fact, it was initially made to counteract the pressure that astronauts face during their transit and also improve the safety of airplane seats. 

A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with support foam. It also uses the heat from your body to soften and mould the mattress to your shape. The combination of these qualities means that it can provide you with remarkable support and comfort. Once you get up, the mattress bounces back to its default shape. In addition, over time, it will remember your body shape and your sleeping position. This is why it’s named ‘memory foam’. 

These types of beds are popular and in high demand, because they provide complete support for your joints, neck, shoulder and other pinch points in the body. The support provided helps to relieve pressure and promotes blood circulation which in turn grants you a good night rest. 

However, as great as memory foam mattresses are, sometimes, they may be too firm. If you recently just made a switch from a spring coil mattress, you may find it too hard. It usually takes a couple of weeks, months even to get well adjusted to the change. 

There is a solution. There are steps that you can follow to make your memory foam mattress softer for your specific needs. Keep reading to find out the best way to make your bed soft and comfy!


Why You Need A Soft Mattress 

Choosing a memory foam mattress means that you want to enjoy the best sleep possible. In addition, getting the right amount of sleep can greatly influence the rest of your day. how good or bad your day would be. Having a good night’s rest can either make or mar your productivity for the day. 

Whether it’s a memory foam mattress or another type of mattress, your mattress should be soft. This is because hard mattresses make your body stiff as opposed to soft mattresses that will cushion your body. Except otherwise stated by your doctor, you should sleep on soft mattresses. Soft mattresses offer you the following benefits:

  • Reduces the intensity of back pain by reducing the pressure on affected joints
  • Soft mattresses provide soft ergonomic support to your body
  • They make for comfortable sleeping 
  • There is less tossing and turning
  • Improves pressure relief
  • Boosts stable circulation of blood in the body 


Making Your Memory Foam Mattress Softer: What You Need To Do

Buying memory foam that is hard is completely normal. The intricacies and materials involved in the construction of this type of bed mean that it can be a bit firm on the back. Not to worry, there are ways to get around this tiny inconvenience. The following are ways to make your memory foam mattress softer;

Break it in. 

Just like every other type of mattress, your memory foam bed needs a breaking-in period. Sometimes, you need to wear your new shoes for a while before they get comfy. This is the same way you need to break in your mattress by using it. 

Therefore, start by simply sleeping on it night after night. Most mattress companies state that it can take up to 60 days to break in a new mattress. However because you want to break it in to make it more comfortable, you can speed up the process by literally walking on your mattress multiple times a day for a while. 

Since it cradles your body when you sleep, it makes it a lit bit more difficult to break it in. You should consider having your kids and their friends (the more the better) crawl, walk and jump on the mattress for several minutes every day. Putting a bit of weight on it is another option.

You can put your shoe boxes filled with stuff or hard-bound books stacked up together on the mattress. All of these will ultimately speed up the process and your bed will break in enough for you to be comfortable. 

Buy a mattress topper. 

A way to make your bed softer is by using a mattress topper. It is one of the quickest, most effective, and cheapest ways to make a mattress softer. 

A mattress topper can also be called a mattress underpad and is designed to lie atop a mattress. It is made from a variety of materials and its primary function is to provide comfort. It makes mattresses more comfortable and has a proven record of improving the quality of sleep. 

Adding layers of mattress toppers between your body and your memory foam mattress is a great way to make your bed more comfortable. As much as possible, buy a mattress topper with a lower density than your mattress. Asides from the density, another thing to look out for is thickness. 

The thicker the mattress topper is the more it will significantly make your bed softer. Therefore, be sure to buy a memory foam mattress topper that is lower in density and very thick. This will provide you with the support and the softness you need to enjoy quality sleep.

Different types of mattress toppers are available to add extra pressure relief or body contouring. You can also use a wool or cotton mattress pad, it will also help make your bed softer and more comfortable. 

Warm-up your mattress 

Typically, a memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane foam. Therefore, it is temperature-sensitive. The same way the memory foam mattress allows your body to sink into the foam as it absorbs your body heat is the same way a warm room will soften the bed up. 

Minutes before you go to bed, you can adjust your thermostat so that the room can warm up. This, in turn, will soften your memory foam mattress. You can also make use of a heated blanket or flannel sheets to warm things up. 

Alter the base support 

Just in case you would rather not use a mattress topper, you can make the base support of your mattress softer instead. Your mattress may be very firm because its base is extremely rigid. As such, you can alter the base to a less rigid structure which will make your bed softer. By placing materials such as a thin futon pad, egg-crate foam, or any pliable materials between the mattress base and bed frame, you can make it softer. 

Flip and Rotate your mattress 

Not all memory foams can be rotated or flipped. However, if you are lucky to own one that can, then you can flip your mattress. The same mattress can have different firmness levels. Therefore, it’s highly possible that the other side of your mattress is softer and will be more comfortable for you. In the same vein, rotating your mattress can help you locate the softer parts of your bed.

When your bed has permanent indentations, it can mean that the comfort layers of the bed are compressed, making them feel firmer. Flipping it over will provide you with a new layer that’s rid of these indentations. This way, the surface of your mattress will be softer. 




We understand the importance of having comfortable sleep. Everyone spends a third of the day sleeping. Consequently, this can add up to almost a third of your life life. Since this is the case, you deserve to do it in comfort. That’s why we have put together these tips to help you make your mattress softer. 

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to sleep in an uncomfortably firm mattress, or before you toss out that bed or start saving up for a new mattress, try out all of these tips first. They will be sure to help you make your memory foam mattress softer!

Do you have any questions about your bed? Perhaps, you are looking to buy a mattress from an online mattress store. Contact us, let our experts find the best solutions for you!