Relieve Back Pain with a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Relieve Back Pain with a Memory foam mattress

Since the introduction of memory foam mattresses, it has evolved from a novelty into a prevalent, affordable alternative to conventional mattresses. Buying a memory foam mattress in Toronto is one of the best decisions you can make for your sleeping routines. Whether from an online mattress store or a physical shop, these beds offer a lot of advantages necessary for good sleep.

There are few things as necessary as high quality of sleep. A great bed can make all the difference in the world between restful sleep and nights spent turning and tossing. If you’ve got an outdated mattress or your current set-up doesn’t offer the support your body needs, you should consider getting a memory foam mattress.

Imagine crawling into a bed that conforms to your unique curves, hugging your body perfectly. No more joint aches, no more pressure points, and no more back pain. Now, imagine sleeping deeply through the night, waking up refreshed and raring to go! If this sounds like nirvana, you may want to try out a memory foam mattress – one of our top-rated sellers.

A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. It also uses your body heat to soften and mould to your shape. This provides remarkable support and comfort. Once pressure is removed, memory foam will bounce back very slowly and, over time, will remember your body shape and optimal sleeping position, hence the name ‘memory.’

The unique properties of a memory foam mattress allow it to offer relief when it comes to back pain. For many residents in Toronto, back pain has become a constant problem. The undue stress we put on our backs all day combined with the use of ageing beds can cause havoc.

Thankfully, with a memory foam mattress, you can relieve back pain. In this article, we will explain in detail how you can relieve that frustrating back pain with a memory foam mattress. 

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How A Memory Foam Mattress Can Relieve Back Pain

Generally, we spend about one-third of our day in bed. Therefore, it is only normal that how we sleep and what we sleep on can have a significant effect on our bodies. Using a memory foam mattress can help you relieve back pain in the following ways:

It offers support for your lower back 

When you’re asleep, there are many ongoing processes in your body that you know nothing about. The spinal column needs to decompress, and the back muscles need to rest to resolve daytime tension. 

Ultimately, the muscles remain tense if your lower back is not supported while sleeping. Furthermore, positions that do not preserve natural spinal alignment often prevent decompression. These factors can contribute to back pain and aggravate daytime pain during the day.

A top-quality foam from an online mattress store can help you relieve back pain. A memory foam mattress usually contours to your body to ease pain and give you stress-free nights. By contouring to your body, this mattress offers maximum support for your lower back while effectively helping your spinal muscles decompress.

Different firmness levels to help you deal with pain.

Most memory foam beds come with multiple layers so you can choose your preferred level of firmness or softness. This can be a big help for relieving back pain. Sometimes, the solution for your back pain may not be a harder mattress. In fact, the issue may be that your mattress is too hard.

When you buy a memory foam mattress from an online store, you can choose how soft or hard you want it to be. With the perfect firmness level, you will undoubtedly feel more comfortable and the intensity of back pain will reduce.

Response to stimuli for the best sleep 

Memory foam material reacts in a way that separates it from other kinds of mattresses. It is known as visco-elastic because it has viscous traits that allow it to contour in response to pressure, and temperature. 

On a mattress, this viscosity allows the foam to align with your natural body shape, instead of forcing your body to adjust. The full-body contouring also supports your lower back, allowing the muscles to relax and release tension fully. On the other hand, when sleeping on a firm innerspring bed, you can sometimes see or feel a space between your lower back and the mattress, meaning your lower back is not supported. 

Other types of beds like air mattresses and waterbeds can have the opposite effect. They may allow denser areas like your hips to sink in further than the rest of your body. Referred to as “hammocking”, this creates an unnatural reverse spine curve since your upper body and legs are higher than your lower back.

Since a memory foam mattress contours in response to temperature and pressure, it offers top-notch support. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted side effects above.

Sleep in the right position 

Your sleeping position also plays a role in back pain relief and prevention. Sleeping on your back, while placing your knees on a pillow, or your side with a pillow between your knees, often helps reduce pain. 

An excellent way to enhance the efficiency of memory foam mattresses in relieving back pain is by exercising your body. In the next section, we will discuss the exercises you can do to relieve back pain.


Exercises To Help You Relieve Back Pain 

Some simple stretches in the morning and evening can make all the difference in relieving back pain. To reduce the intensity of the pain you are feeling, try these tips

  • You can engage in some gentle stretching early in the morning, but specifically for pain in the lower back. 
  • For the lower back and neck, gentle stretching in all vectors of movement such as bending backwards, forwards, in rotation, and to the sides will help you the most.
  • Engage the core muscles of your lower back at all times to strengthen them and stretch the other muscles.
  • Notably, tight hamstrings can be responsible for lower back stress, strain or pain. To avoid this stretch your hamstrings when you wake up.
  • You can achieve this by placing one leg up on the bed and slightly leaning forward until you feel the tension down the back of the leg. This will help, especially if you sit down all day at work. 

Additionally, any exercise that strengthens your core will help prevent back pain in the long run. In addition to buying the right memory foam mattress, you can take up a gym or yoga class. 

Are you wondering how to buy the right memory foam mattress in Toronto? The next section contains tips that will help on your next visit to an online mattress store.


How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress to Relieve Back Pain

When it comes to picking the right mattress, it is essential to get the correct support for your spine. A bed that is too hard can put too much pressure on the areas where you feel discomfort. In the same vein, a mattress that is too soft will not provide support for the areas that need it. This causes the spine to spend long periods in weak and unhealthy positions.

People who suffer from lower back pain generally benefit more from a mattress on the neutral side of the firm side. This is because it offers just the right amount of support for the lower back. If you want to relieve pain in the lower back, pick a bed with neutral firmness.

Also, factors such as sleeping position, mattress materials, and weight can all influence how a mattress reacts to your body and how comfortable it feels to you. Your general health and personality sensitivity have to be considered in tandem to buy the best mattress.

Although light-firm mattresses are usually recommended as the best beds for back pain, it’s essential to keep in mind that firmness is very individual, and one firmness level won’t fit everybody. The fact that is suitable for most doesn’t mean it is ideal for everyone. For maximum comfort, you want to find a mattress that supports your back and alleviates pain in pressure points.

Other factors to consider when buying a memory foam mattress include:

  • The hypoallergenic quality of the mattress 
  • The density of the mattress 
  • The thickness of the bed 
  • The right platform for your bed 



The memory foam mattress is a gift that keeps on giving! From its numerous health benefits to its hassle-free maintenance, the memory mattress is worth every penny. Its ability to offer tailored comfort and pressure relief is the reason memory foam mattresses remain so popular.

Finally, the unique combination of pressure point relief and support found in memory foam mattresses sets the stage for relieving current pain and preventing pain as well. By supporting correct alignment, contouring to the body and not placing added pressure on sensitive areas, your body can experience optimal comfort. Reduced pain is also associated with better sleep, offering another benefit.

Are you in need of a memory foam mattress to help you relieve pain? Our experts can help you select the right mattress to fit your unique needs. Look through our online mattress store in Toronto today. Alternatively, you can speak with our mattress experts. Contact us today!

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