Buying Mattress Online vs. in Store in Canada

Buying Mattress Online vs. in Store in Canada

Every time I step out of the house to shop for something, I mostly end up window shopping which I have enjoyed on several occasions. However, honestly, it’s always a hassle buying things at the store despite being able to test the object I intend to buy physically. I find that when shopping online one can compare, have a good look at the products and testimonials, all of which work together in helping you decide.

But online shopping, although it may sound an easy task that does not require you to leave the house for a simple purchase also has its downside. For instance, if you are someone who has a harder time trusting brands, online shopping is a no go for you.

But what if you were buying a new mattress? Should you be buying mattress online or visit a trusted furniture shop in your local area? Well, both have their perks and downsides; it depends on what your preferences are.

Buying Mattress Online: Online Shopping

There are multiple online stores that sell mattress online, but there is no guarantee whether the product will match its description or not. Yes, you can compare prices among different stores and even do your research just like you’re doing it right now, but the chances are you will only know what mattress suits you by testing it out personally.

Online stores can often turn out to be rip-offs and buying mattress online is a long haul; hence, it is better not to risk it.


  • You can order it without visiting the store
  • You can find good deals
  • More time to decide on what will suit you the best
  • Some of the good brand’s websites offer free-trial periods


  • You don’t get to physically check if the mattress is right for you
  • Satisfaction level depends upon the arrival of the product


Buying from a mattress in-store

Purchasing a mattress can be a fun trip to the furniture store. You get to lie down on comfortable, luxurious beds and instantly bring the one you like the best home. You have a variety of options to choose from, and the sales managers are right there in your service to assist you in a smooth mattress shopping experience. It is heir job to guide you and provide the correct information to help make your decision.


  • Test the mattress
  • Get proper guidance from a sales associate
  • A satisfied purchase
  • Less waiting time
  • No risks involved


  • Need to find time to go mattress shopping
  • Difficult to compare products
  • Prices are higher


How do you know it’s time to buy a new mattress?

When you are buying mattress online, you make sure you’re in it for the long haul. Mattresses are an expensive piece of furniture. In my opinion, you shouldn’t compromise on it at any cost, which is why it is important that you take your time and test out a few before choosing the one.

If you ever feel like you have not been getting any good sleep and see yourself tossing and turning the entire night, just know that it is time. Your mattress’s life is done, and it is time to hit the furniture store.

Shopping in Canada, especially during the winters, can result in lots of unpredictable weather problems. Due to extremely cold winters and snow, you may have to delay your trips or wait for weeks before the snow clears out and your order is delivered.

However, it is during the Christmas sale or the New Year’s sale that you might find the best prices that allow you to save the most.

Sales like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s and other holiday weekends are the best time to grab onto the discounts. Late winters and early spring also allows you to make that ultimate purchase at the best deals possible.

The average life of a mattress is approximately 7-10 years. If your mattress has crossed this time period, you should immediately hit the mattress store before you go to your doctor’s appointment.

TIP: Sales start a week before the actual holiday, so be sure to check out any offers beforehand.


The need for investing in a good mattress:

Having a good night’s sleep is just as important as eating a healthy diet for a healthy body. It enhances your brain activity and plays a vital role in having a good day. Therefore you should take your time in deciding upon the type of mattress you should get and if you can’t then keep on reading this article. I have the perfect guide in helping you find the one (mattress).

It is important that you invest in a good mattress because not only does it have health benefits but a mere step in moving towards a better lifestyle. A healthy mind can make your day a whole lot better by improving your mental health as well as your attitude towards life. All of this can be made easier to achieve by making better choices when looking to buy a mattress. A good mattress should induce sleep the minute your back hits the bed.

Now that we have established the need for shopping for a good mattress, it is time you learn how to find one that relieves your body of all the stress from a long hard day at work. First things first, before I begin, I want to talk about all the basic types of mattresses out there in the market. Below is a brief summary of the types and their description.

  • Memory Foam Mattress – reduces pressure by evenly distributing body weight, therefore, ensuring healthy blood flow. Best for back pains.
  • Hybrid Mattress – memory foam and dual innerspring system layered to relieve pressure by retaining innerspring mattress.
  • Latex Mattress – made from organic materials and is less dense and less warm than memory foam and accommodates side, back, and tummy sleepers. Best for heavier people
  • Innerspring mattress – aka coil mattress; Best for hot sleepers; the number of springs determines the quality of the mattress.


What are the key factors to look for in buying mattress online?

A good mattress consists of two things:

  1. Support
  2. Comfort

A good mattress aligns and supports your body in a position such that you do not wake up with back pains. It also ensures a quality sleep by relieving pressure and cushioning your body while you recharge for the next day.

Although there are a few minor factors to look out for such as motion separation which is important, especially if you are a light sleeper. This can cause you to wake up by the slightest movement of your partner. You should also check for the temperature retention of the mattress, which can be an issue if you are a hot sleeper. Moreover, edge support is also an ideal factor that needs to be taken into account, which can interfere with the alignment of the body.


How to decide on your budget?

It is often difficult to assign a certain portion of your savings on an investment that is as huge as buying a mattress. This portion of the guide is dedicated to familiarizing you with the price chart. More often than not, you see advertisements that offer deals that look more impressive on paper rather than the quality of the product. The formula to break it down is pretty simple actually, the lower the price, the lower the quality.

Trust me; you would not want to compromise on quality for this product. Deciding upon the amount you want to spend on the mattress will depend on the manufacturer and the region. Living in a place where the demand is pretty high has the lowest of prices; however, in a fairly populated city with high demand has higher prices as well.

  • Anything below 200$ is used or defective.
  • Anything below 400$ is fairly okay especially if it’s for a spare room
  • Anything under 1000$ is an average range for an everyday mattress
  • Anything above a 1000$ is a luxury mattress

Choose wisely in buying mattress online!



In conclusion, you need to find a mattress that helps ensure a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep enhances your mood and increases brain activity, making you look and feel fresh for the long hard day. Comfort and Support are key players in finding you a suitable mattress. Buying mattress online and purchasing them from the store by being mentally and physically present is the best way to shop for something you’re investing in for a longer period.

On several different occasions, you can avail discount prices and save up and take advantage of the sales. Mattresses between the range of 600 -1000 4 tend to have good quality and if you plan on buying an innerspring mattress then be sure to buy one with individual coils.

Keeping all the above tips in minds, you can begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. A healthy mind allows you to make informed decisions. It is important that you identify your needs and wants; this will help you get a clearer image of how much you are willing to invest.

If you feel overwhelmed by making a decision at the store, then pay a visit to the store and take a window-shopping trip and find the one you love the most. You can order it online once you’ve done a thorough online and a field check. Contact us at Sleep Masters for buying mattress online!

I hope this little guide will help all you ladies choose the ideal mattress!