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Our online Vancouver mattress store has a range of Canadian-made mattresses that are crafted with top quality materials. Whether you are looking for a completely foam based or a hybrid mattress with pocket coils, we have it all! Not to mention, free express delivery to anywhere in British Columbia! Click HERE to view our selection of mattresses available to be shipped free of charge to British Columbia! For the best deals, checkout our mattresses for sale category.

If you require some help with selecting a mattress which will work best for you, use our online chat tool and Jennifer will be happy to assist you! If Jennifer is not online, please do leave a message and we will respond within 24 hours!

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Bed in a Box Mattress Sale Vancouver

We understand that many people do not have the time to physically visit a store and test out mattresses. We aim to make it as seamless as possible to shop on our online mattress store. Make sure to take a look at the firm’o’meter which you will find under each mattress. This will give you an idea of how soft or firm the mattress is.

When you receive your mattress in a box, you will find it is very simple to unbox your mattress and get it decompressed. Please allow your mattress 2-4 hours after opening to fully decompress.

Mattress Sale Vancouver

We as Sleep Masters Canada always aim to provide the highest quality mattresses for the best prices possible. We believe that we provide the best value for money for all of our mattresses but we are willing to price match on a similar mattress found elsewhere.

Custom Mattress

You have the option of customizing your mattress Vancouver to look and feel the way you want. Many customers love that they can choose the size, height, surface and materials. These are popular mattress Vancouver features that people can choose to have:


Bamboo fabric

Sustainable material that is one of the softest fabrics in the world and does not cause allergic reactions..


Memory foam

Prevents pressure on different areas of our bodies including the hips and shoulders.


Orthopedic support

Properly supports the body, especially the back and joints.


Organic cotton

Made without toxic chemicals which is great for people who have sensitive skin.


Natural latex

Helps keep your spine properly aligned while discouraging the buildup of moisture inside the mattress.

Mattress Vancouver

Style is very important, especially as people move into more modern-looking condos and homes. Once you have your perfect mattress, people get other matching elements like the duvet, cover, pillow and sheets to make the bed look perfect.

We offer different styles of upholstered headboards to make the bed look elegant. It not only adds style, but also practical benefits. The upholstered headboard is very easy to maintain and prevents the wallpaper or paint behind it from being rubbed down by pillows.