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A simple metal bed frame to lift your mattress and boxspring set off the ground. Not everyone has enough space in their bedroom to purchase a complete bed frame with a headboard. If that is you, a metal bed frame is perfect to not only support, but also uplift your mattress set. Please bare in mind that you will need to use a boxspring with this frame before you are able to place your mattress on it. Available in all sizes, the single and double sizes come as one and can be expanded or narrowed down to either size. The Queen and King sizes are separate and can only be used for those sizes. The single, double and Queen sizes come with plastic feet whereas the King size comes with wheels.

Here are the key benefits of using a metal frame:

1. Cost effective

If you are unable to support your mattress set with a complete bed frame due to budget, the metal frame is an excellent temporary option. Lift up your mattress set with a metal frame for now until you are able to purchase the bed frame of your dreams.

2. Ease of Use

The metal frame is super easy to assemble or disassemble and put away. This frame also comes with headboard attachments. If you so wished, you could purchase a headboard separately and attach to the frame. We must also note that despite being extremely light in weight, the metal frame is very durable. If in the future you no longer require it, you could easily pass it on to a family member/friend.

3. Protection From Bed Bugs

You want to do anything you can to prevent a bed bug infestation. Your mattress and box set is much more likely to attract bed bugs when in contact with the ground. Lifting your mattress and boxspring, you significantly decease the likelihood of a bed bug infestation. The metal bed frame is the most affordable way to raise your mattress and boxspring set.


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