Medium Firm Mattress

Medium Firm Mattresses

Medium firm mattresses have become one of the most popular category of mattresses and for good reason. This firmness level applies to a wide variety of people and especially for couples sharing a mattress. If you are investing in a medium firm mattress, you can be sure that your mattress is at the very least of ‘good’ quality. This is because it is difficult to construct a mattress with this firmness level with cheaper, low quality materials.

We all have our own sleep preferences and therefore, choosing the right mattress is vital in order to get the best quality sleep. There is no ‘best’ mattress or the ‘one’ mattress that fits all. Medium firm mattresses are mostly recommended for back and stomach sleepers. This will help achieve that ideal spinal alignment and provide great relief to your pressure points. For side sleepers, we recommend looking into something slightly more on the softer side. Side sleepers require additional pressure relief in their hips and shoulders.

We also recommend medium firm for heavier people. The mattress will sag less for heavier people, providing better support for the pressure points and also making it much easier to move around or get out of bed. Less sag also means less heat being stuck within your pressure points allowing for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Finally, we must mention the much improved edge support. This type of mattress offers firmer edges allowing you to maximize your sleep surface and preventing any roll off sensation.

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