We take pride in providing durable Canadian-made mattresses that are made with high quality materials including natural fabric, organic cotton and soy-based foam. For people who like to rest at the ideal sleep temperature on their mattress, Hamilton customers can choose our models that integrate cool gel technology.

Mattress Sale Hamilton

You can take your time to browse through and lie on as many beds as you’d like to see how they feel. Because we often have a mattress sale, Hamilton residents can always find good deals for our classic and luxury products.

We provide you with the best night’s sleep at the best possible price. If you’re not sure what to shop for yet, our wonderful store staff will help you choose the right bed for your budget and sleeping style.

Mattress Sale

Get a heavenly sleep with our collection of luxury mattress hamilton styles. Because they integrate top quality and sustainable materials, they have a much longer lifespan than other types of mattresses. Whether you get a regular priced bed or a mattress sale, Hamilton sleepers can enjoy all of the benefits of these models.

If you prefer our classic collection, they also integrate top quality materials including soft cotton feel fibres, soy-based foam and extra comfort layers. These materials allow the mattress to breathe, provide consistent full body support and reduce motion transfer.

Once you’ve chosen your bed or got a great deal on a mattress sale, Hamilton residents and those who live in the Greater Toronto Area can receive free delivery.

Custom Built
Mattress Hamilton

If it’s not essential to wait for a mattress sale, Hamilton residents can have full control of how you want your mattress to feel and look. You can choose the size, surface, height and materials you prefer. Our popular mattress hamilton features include:

Orthopedic support

Properly supports the body, especially the back and joints

Bamboo fabric

Sustainable material that is one of the softest fabrics in the world and does not cause allergic reactions.

Organic cotton

Made without toxic chemicals which is great for people who have sensitive skin.

Memory foam

Prevents pressure on different areas of our bodies including the hips and shoulders.

Natural latex

Helps keep your spine properly aligned while discouraging the buildup of moisture inside the mattress.

Buy an Online
Mattress Hamilton

Delivery Mattresses

Not everyone has time to come down to browse for a mattress let alone all of the other bed elements like sheets, duvet, cover and pillow. That’s why we organize delivery for these mattresses in a box and they are shipped right to your home:

  • Luxury Dreamstar mattresses
  • Classic Aurora High Density Foam
  • Classic The Rock
  • Classic Serenity I

Quality assurance

When you order a mattress, we use a special machine that compresses, rolls and packs it in a conveniently-sized box that can be shipped. If you’re concerned about buying the wrong type of bed, don’t worry! There’s no risk for you to buy online because we provide:

  • 100-night sleep trials
  • Full refund if the Hamilton mattress is not right for you
  • Easy return process


For those who are always keeping an eye out for a mattress sale, Hamilton customers can save a trip to our store and keep checking our site for marked sale items.