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What type of mattress is best for heavy people?

The Best Mattress for Heavier People

Individual preferences and needs vary, and finding the right mattress is crucial, especially for those with heavier body types. In this blog post, we’re diving into the realm of mattresses specifically designed to provide optimal support for individuals with greater weight.

Let’s explore the key factors to consider when searching for the perfect mattress for heavier individuals. It’s not just about firmness; it’s about a robust support system that can withstand and distribute the added weight evenly.

While the market is flooded with various mattress brands and types, the process of selecting the ideal mattress for heavier individuals is surprisingly straightforward. Let’s break it down:

1. Optimal Support System

  • Prioritize a mattress with a robust support system. Look for options that feature high-density foam or coils designed to provide long-lasting support, preventing sagging over time.

2. Firmness Level

  • While firmness is crucial, it’s not the sole factor. Aim for a mattress that strikes a balance – it should be firm enough to offer support but not so hard that it sacrifices comfort. Medium-firm to firm mattresses often prove to be a sweet spot.

3. Material Matters

  • Consider materials that offer both support and comfort. Memory foam mattresses and natural latex mattresses are excellent choices for heavier individuals as they contour to the body while maintaining structural integrity.

4. Thickness

  • Opt for a thicker mattress. A higher profile not only adds to the overall durability but also contributes to better support, especially for individuals with more substantial body weight.

5. Edge Support

  • Pay attention to edge support. This feature ensures that the mattress remains stable and supportive even at the edges, preventing the sensation of rolling off and providing a larger usable surface area.

6. Durability

  • Look for mattresses with a reputation for durability. Read reviews and consider brands known for producing long-lasting products, as this is a good indicator of a mattress’s ability to maintain support over time.

7. Trial Periods and Warranties

  • Take advantage of trial periods offered by many mattress brands. This allows you to test the mattress and ensure it meets your specific needs. Additionally, a solid warranty provides peace of mind regarding the long-term performance of your investment.

We highly suggest firmer mattresses for heavier people. Most commonly, a pocket coil based mattress with layers of either high density foam, gel memory foam or natural latex on top. The exact firmness level will depend on which positions you most like to sleep in. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, we would recommend medium firm. If you are a back sleeper, we would recommend firm.

Let’s now take a look at the different types of mattresses:

Pocket Coils: The Strong Foundation

When it comes to mattresses for heavier individuals, pocket coil mattresses are often the top choice due to their excellent support. However, not all pocket coils are created equal. Gauge numbers, ranging from 12 to 15, play a crucial role. A lower gauge number indicates a thicker and stiffer coil. For individuals with more substantial weight, opting for pocket coils with a gauge number of 12 or 13 is highly recommended. These thicker coils not only provide robust support but also tend to have a longer lifespan.

Foam Layers: The Comfort Zone

While pocket coils form the foundation, the comfort of the mattress is determined by the layers of foam on top. For optimal pressure relief, two standout options are gel memory foam and natural latex. Both materials excel at conforming to the body, providing a comfortable sleep surface.

  • Gel Memory Foam: Ideal for heavier individuals who prefer to sleep on their sides. Gel memory foam offers a good balance of support and contouring, allowing the mattress to gently curve around the hips and shoulders. This is crucial for side sleepers, especially those with more weight, as it prevents the feeling of ‘fighting’ against the mattress.
  • Natural Latex: Another excellent option, particularly for side sleepers. Natural latex provides a supportive yet yielding surface, allowing for a comfortable sleep experience. However, it’s worth noting that these foams typically don’t come in an extra-firm option.

Side Sleepers: Finding the Right Balance

For heavier individuals who favor sleeping on their sides, a combination of stiffer pocket coils (gauge 12 or 13) and gel memory foam or natural latex is recommended. This combination ensures just the right amount of ‘give,’ allowing the mattress to gently contour around the hips and shoulders. Avoiding excessive firmness is crucial for side sleepers, as it ensures a harmonious interaction between the body and the mattress.

Back or Stomach Sleepers: Embracing Firmness

On the flip side, individuals who predominantly sleep on their back or stomach benefit from a firmer mattress. Achieving this firmness is possible with a stiff pocket coil base combined with layers of high-density foam. High-density foam, being less forgiving compared to natural latex and gel memory foam, minimizes contouring, providing the necessary support for back and stomach sleepers.

In conclusion, the perfect mattress for heavier individuals involves a strategic balance between the robust foundation of pocket coils and the tailored comfort of gel memory foam or natural latex, depending on the preferred sleeping position. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that ensures both support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. Here are some of our best recommendations for mattresses suitable for heavier people:

Best mattresses for heavier, back or stomach sleepers:

Dreamstar Prestige Firm
Dreamstar Orthosupreme

Best mattresses for heavier side sleepers:

Beautyrest Quintessence Immaculate Pillowtop Luxury Firm
Dreamstar Natural Escape Firm

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