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Upholstered Headboards

An upholstered headboard is any bed frame that uses materials like linen style fabric and has additional padding. It can enhance the look of a room, make a bed look more elegant and provide contrast to a bed’s colours.


Benefits of
Upholstered Headboards

While many people shop for a quality upholstered
headboard for fashionable reasons, there are also
practical advantages to having it as well.


Easy to maintain

All you need to do is vacuum the headboard and avoid spilling anything on it that will stain. Unless you regularly eat in bed, this is easy to do. The design of upholstered headboards absorb impact from objects or body pressure, which makes it much more durable.

On the other hand, metal headboards can be dented and wood headboards can be chipped. Metal and wood headboards can also get a bit loose after a few years compared to upholstered headboards.

Greater comfort

As you sit upright on your mattress, the cushioning in an upholstered headboard feels much more comfortable than leaning against a bare wall, pillow or traditional headboard. It’s a great way to relax while you are watching TV at night, talking to your partner or reading your favourite books.

When you are more relaxed while you’re in bed, the better chance you have of getting better quality sleep. Studies have shown that optimizing your bed environment to be a more enjoyable and comfortable space helps people sleep better at night.

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Protects the wall behind your bed

Without some layer of protection in front of your wall, the wallpaper or paint will be rubbed down by your pillows, making the wall look uneven. Upholstered headboards cover the entire wall behind them and provide complete protection.

Even if you have a traditional headboard made of metal or have open slates, objects can slip through them and make marks. This creates more work to make the wall look even and consistent.

Benefits of
Upholstered Headboards

The first step is to decide if you want a modern or traditional look for your bed. If a headboard with very clean lines is paired with an older style bed, it would look odd. Once you decide what kind of look you will go for and choose your preferred upholstered head-board, the rest of the bed elements should match including the duvet, sheets, cover and pillow.

Our upholstered headboard products come in different styles and colours that can complement your bedroom. If you have a more modern style room, our Amelia Head- board and Rona Headboard have clean lines

and a defined shape that will match the minimalistic feel.

Our Upholstered Headboard 147 can make your bed look very elegant and is 100% Canadian. You can choose whether you want bronze or silver nail heads to look even more sophisticated. If you’re looking for a balance of straight lines and curved edges to complement your bed, our Ashley Headboard is a great choice.

If you’re a customer who loves convenience, check out our store to see upholstered head- board options and get convenient delivery.