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Mattress Sale

As Sleep Masters Canada, we have free express delivery for all orders in Scarborough. Scarborough has always been a hotbed for us and we are extremely happy to be serving our Scarborough mattress shoppers for many years. Although we have now moved to North York, we still provide our wide range of 100% Canadian made mattresses to Scarborough with free delivery. Check out our collection of Memory Foam, Pocket Coil, Pillowtop or Natural Latex mattresses online. We also have a selection of mattresses for sale!

Luxury Mattress
Sale Scarborough

If you’re looking for an affordable luxury mattress Scarborough, you can count on us to get styles that are made with high quality materials that are healthy, long- lasting and environmentally-friendly. Because all of the layers make the mattress firm and dense, our beds have proper center support so your mattress doesn’t sag.

Several of our luxury mattress Scarborough styles integrate 100% natural talalay latex that conforms to your body. It is a sustainable material that is made from the sap of a rubber tree. Other models are made with natural wool that helps regulate your body temperature by keeping your warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

After getting a luxury mattress sale, Scarborough customers who like eco-friendly products may shop for sustainably sourced sheets, pillow, duvet and cover to complete their bed so they can have a great sleep every night.

Gel Memory

Gel technology is one of the latest innovations in mattresses. It provides all of the same benefits as regular memory foam with the added comfort of regulating the temperature of your mattress. This way, you can sleep at the ideal temperature rather than waking up from an overheated bed.

The gel microbeads absorb the heat and help create a structure that’s similar to an open cell memory foam which creates airflow through the foam. Gel memory foam is integrated in a few of our luxury mattress Scarborough models. The gel-infused mattress also provides even body support and reduces motion transfer so you can’t feel your partner’s interruptive movements.

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Mattress Sale

It doesn’t matter whether you get a mattress at the regular price or during a mattress sale, Scarborough residents and people who live in the Greater Toronto area can receive free delivery. When you visit us, our knowledgeable customer team will be happy to help you find the perfect mattress and answer any ques- tions you have about the differences between our various models. If you find what you like before midday, we provide same-day delivery so you can start setting up your new bed right away.

We take pride in the quality of our products. Because we stand behind their durability, we offer 10 to 15 year warranties on all of the mattress. If there are any prob- lems during the warranty period, we can take back and replace the mattress Scarborough model for you so you can keep getting the quality sleep you deserve.

Bed Frames

As people shop for their bed and look for a good mattress sale, Scarborough residents think much more about the quality and overlook bed frames. But good quality frame plays a very important role to properly support a box spring if you have one and your mattress.

We have a single ended and double ended steel frame that will prevent your bed from sagging, which can cause body aches from sleeping in bad positions. Our single bed frame is adjustable so you can use it for a single and double size. The double ended steel frame is great for larger sizes like a queen or a king because it provides additional support in the center.

If you’re always on the lookout for a mattress sale, Scarborough shoppers can find great deals at our store location and online shop.

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