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Spectrum 8″. You’ve heard of the mattress in a box, but have you heard of Serta Spectrum? The Serta Spectrum is the perfect option for those who want convenience, but aren’t willing to sacrifice on comfort. The Serta Spectrum 8″ is a great choice for all types of sleepers. The perfectly medium comfort level provides excellent pressure relieving comfort whilst also achieving optimal spinal alignment.

Serta have been helping people sleep comfortably since 1931. Imagine all that commitment and innovation rolled up into an ultra convenient, ultra comfortable package – that’s the Serta Spectrum. With a breathable knit cover and premium gel-infused memory foam, it will keep you cool, supported and comfortable as you drift off into dreamland.

The Serta Pure foam core support system is designed to provide balanced support all over the body with long lasting durability. Then, we have the Cool Twist gel memory foam which is breathable foam designed to promote airflow and heat dissipation. All topped off with a highly breathable cover which allows you to sleep undisturbed throughout the night. All Serta Spectrum mattresses are completely designed and built in Canada. Order your mattress online and have it delivered right to your doorstep conveniently in a box!

At Sleep Masters Canada, we offer the Serta Spectrum mattresses for the best prices available in the market. We believe that anybody should be able to purchase the upmost in quality and comfort without breaking their budget! All Serta Spectrum mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base bed frame.


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