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Serta Nautique Pillowtop Firm 11.5″ Mattress

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Serta Nautique Pillowtop Firm Mattress

Elevate Your Sleep Sanctuary with the Serta Nautique Pillowtop Firm Mattress: Where Freshness Meets Firmness

Experience the epitome of comfort and cleanliness with the Serta Nautique Mattress. Meticulously crafted with innovative features, this mattress seamlessly blends anti-microbial technology, advanced gel foam, and a durable innerspring design to redefine your sleep experience.

Key Features:

  1. Serta® Anti-Microbial Fiber Technology:

    • Indulge in the assurance of a fresh and clean sleep surface, thanks to Serta’s cutting-edge Anti-Microbial Fiber Technology. Infused on the mattress’s surface, this innovative fiber acts as a shield, inhibiting the growth of microbes and ensuring a hygienic environment for restorative sleep.
  2. Serta® Support Gel Foam:

    • Tailor your comfort with the Serta® Support Gel Foam. This specialized gel foam layer not only cradles your body but also contributes to added firmness, allowing you to achieve the desired level of comfort for a truly personalized and rejuvenating sleep experience.
  3. 650 Continuous Coil with Total Edge Support:

    • Immerse yourself in full-body support with the 650 Continuous Coil design. This durable innerspring system contours to your body’s unique shape, providing support across every inch. Enhancing the mattress’s structural integrity, Total Edge Support adds robust perimeter coils, minimizing roll-off and maximizing the sleep surface for undisturbed and extended sleep.

Additional Details:

  • Mattress Firmness: Firm
  • Edge Support: Total Edge Support for reinforced perimeter coils
  • Roll-Off Protection: Minimized with strong perimeter coils
  • Sleep Surface: Extended for an undisturbed rest
  • Mattress Height: 11.5″

Why Choose the Serta Nautique Mattress?

  • Innovative Freshness: Serta’s Anti-Microbial Fiber Technology ensures a mattress surface that stays fresh, promoting a healthy sleep environment.
  • Customized Comfort: The Serta Support Gel Foam offers personalized firmness, allowing you to tailor your sleep experience to your preferences.
  • Full-Body Support: The 650 Continuous Coil design provides consistent support across your entire body, promoting proper alignment for restful sleep.
  • Edge-to-Edge Excellence: Total Edge Support reinforces the mattress edges, minimizing roll-off and maximizing the usable sleep surface.

Transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and cleanliness with the Serta Nautique Mattress—where every night promises a fresh, supportive, and rejuvenating sleep experience.



Greater Toronto Area Only: 5-7 Business Days

  1. Kirk S

    We purchased this mattress for our daughter who is 11 years old and she says it is a lot better than her previous mattress so that’s a win!

  2. Sandra M

    Service was wonderful and just really easy for me but I would say i was expecting it to be more firm and it’s more like a medium for me.

  3. Michael

    Excellent solution for my guest room bed

  4. Beth

    We purchased this for our guestroom and the guests seem to really like it. On top of that, our daughter now wants to swap her mattress for this one!

  5. Larry

    Comfortable mattress, decent price and delivery service was great.

  6. Pat

    The firmness is just right but I find it has a little too much motion transfer for me

  7. Tyler

    This mattress has a great balance between comfort and support

  8. James P

    It’s firm but not too firm, you sink in it enough to get good pressure relief but still firm enough to keep you on top of the mattress. Great choice!

  9. Dominic

    Comfortable mattress for a good price. I would recommend.

  10. Jorge

    A nice cheap mattress with good support. Perfect for our kids.

  11. Henrique

    A well supportive mattress for a decent price. I am happy with my choice and thanks to the delivery guys who were really efficient and made it really easy for me.

  12. Evelyn

    It feels comfortable but it’s more like a medium firm and I was expecting it to be firmer

  13. Avery

    Very satisfied with my mattress and the service!

  14. Annette D

    Purchased two Twin sizes for the kids and they love it so much

  15. Zoe

    I enjoyed my experience with sleep masters and I want to thank Ali (Sales) and Baris (delivery) for their kind, patient and efficient service. Mattress is also quite good I just feel like it is a little ‘springy’. Other than the the firmness is great. Ali did warn me about this type of mattress being a little springy so tottally not their fault!

  16. Lily D

    I love this mattress. I used to wake up tired and hope that I would be able to squeeze in a nap at some point during the day. Not anymore! I wake up and actually feel refreshed which is a very new feeling that I am loving.

  17. Angela K

    I didn’t like the mattress too much, it has a bouncy feel and that doesn’t do me any favours as I do like to toss and turn at night. To be fair to the gentlemen I spoke to, he did warn me that this wouldn’t be the best option for me so I can’t blame him. He then recommended me the Special Edition mattress which has a similar firmness but are much more comfortable mattress. I’m very happy with the service.

  18. Jeff

    I was not a big fan of this model

  19. Berge

    I think for the price this is a great purchase as it is nice and firm without feeling like you’re sleeping on a bench. So all round great option.

  20. Savannah

    It’s comfortable and has a good firmness to it so for that price I think it’s a great deal

  21. Xavier P

    Firstly, I’m happy with the pricing and the delivery service. The mattress also is not too bad and the firmness is good but it just feels a little bouncy to me and I wish that was on here somewhere so I knew.

  22. Aleks P

    It is firm but it is a very good firm which is still comfortable.

  23. George E

    I really like my mattress because it is firm but it does have some give to it at the same time which makes it very comfortable.

  24. Charlie Y

    Solid choice at this price point for anyone interested in a firm mattress.

  25. Miles

    Got two of these in a double and Queen for my airbnb and we’ve already had positive feedback from our guests.

  26. Elena

    Not for me, it was for our guest room but it seems pretty good so thank you for the recommendation!

  27. Patricia

    The mattress was not quite firm enough for me

  28. Yahut

    I would say if you’re gonna use this as a temporary mattress, it’s a good choice. But if this is a long term choice for you, not that great.

  29. Julien

    We purchased this mattress for our son and we wanted something that’s firm but also with a pillowtop so this was a great option.

  30. Tolga O

    My second time purchasing from sleep masters and both mattresses have been awesome

  31. Jose

    It’s not perfect but it’s a cheaper price to be fair

  32. Dec

    I will forever be a client of you guys because of your excellent products and even better service. Thank you!!

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