Serta Masterpiece GOYA Super Pillow-Top Firm

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Beautyrest Firm


Ontario: 7-10 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 10-14 Business Days

  1. Natalie C

    A really well built mattress which makes you feel the support that it has but really comfortable at the same time. We appreciate the wonderful service we got too!

  2. Curtis D

    I’ve had the best sleep on this mattress

  3. Maia

    We are 3 weeks into sleeping with our new mattress and we love it. It is firm just how we like it and very supportive. Only downside I would say that it is heavy. FYI we have a King size.

  4. Michelle W

    We were a little hesitant to purchasing a mattress online but we decided to bite the bullet and go for it. So far, it looks like we have made the right choice, we really like this mattress.

  5. Betina

    All new experience for me since the last time I purchased a mattress was over 20 years ago. I was a little overwhelmed when I was shopping online with all of the different brands and types of mattresses so I decided to call and get some help over the phone. A gentlemen recommended this model for me and explained why it would work great for me. I decided to trust him and now I am so glad that I did.

  6. Tyrel

    A very comfortable mattress and the service from Sleep Masters was great

  7. Jamie

    This is our second time purchasing this mattress after buying one for our home, we decided to get one for our cottage.

  8. Loren

    We were recommended this mattress by a close friend and we decided to go and try it for ourselves first. Unfortunately, it was not available in the showroom but I think maybe the website should have said that! Anyway, we had heard really good things so we decided to purchase it anyway. This is without a doubt the best mattress we have owned and only now am I realizing how much of a difference a good mattress makes.

  9. Rebekka

    I can confirm this is a really comfortable and supportive mattress. Feels excellent on my back and even my sides.

  10. Ece

    Cannot complain, it is firm yet at the same time really comfortable.

  11. Shaneen

    No issues at all, great mattress

  12. Victoria Anne

    I was injured in an accident and my previous mattress was not able to support me properly. We recently purchased this mattress which is just perfect. My back needs the firm support but I am also sometimes sleeping on my sides and the pillowtop of this mattress helps with my hips too.

  13. Christopher

    Great mattress, great sleep.

  14. Gord

    Woah, what a mattress. So comfortable but nice and firm too.

  15. Ann

    This mattress is wonderful. I have arthritis in my hips and shoulders and I no longer wake up with sore, aching shoulders and hips. So comfortable! I’m only giving 4 stars instead of 5 because my delivery took almost 3 weeks for this mattress.

  16. Josh

    Super comfortable and just what I was looking for. The mattress is nice and firm and the pillowtop gives you great comfort as you settle in. It’s also really quiet and doesn’t bounce around when you move.

  17. Alex

    Purchased this mattress to replace my 19-20 year old mattress and I wanted something similar which was hard to find but I think this was the closest. I’m very happy with it as the firmness is great and it stays cool which was very important for me.

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