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Beautyrest Quintessence Ideal Firm 13″ Mattress

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Beautyrest Firm




Beautyrest Quintessence Ideal Firm 13″ Mattress


Introducing the Beautyrest Quintessence Ideal mattress, the pinnacle of firm comfort in the Beautyrest Quintessence line. Elevating your sleep experience to new heights, this mattress offers a Cooling Upgrade paired with additional Firm Gel Touch Foam for an exquisite blend of pressure relief, airflow, and breathability.

Innovative Cooling Technology

The Quintessence Ideal takes comfort to the next level with its Cooling Upgrade, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. The infusion of Firm Gel Touch Foam not only enhances pressure relief but also promotes optimal airflow for a restful sleep environment.

Winter Cool Tri-Fiber System

Experience ultimate luxury with the new Winter Cool Tri-Fiber system. This ultra-luxurious comfort layer incorporates natural materials like Alpaca, Silk, and Cashmere. Beyond their sumptuous feel, these materials provide superior breathability and airflow, cradling and conforming to your body for a truly indulgent sleep experience.

T3 Pocketed Coil Technology

At the core of the Beautyrest Quintessence Ideal lies the revolutionary T3 Pocketed Coil technology. These triple-stranded steel coils offer the most advanced spring support, ensuring durability and unparalleled support for your body’s unique contours.

Premier Line Innovations

As part of the premier Beautyrest Quintessence line, the Quintessence Ideal boasts the latest innovations. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and at your best every day, thanks to a meticulously crafted mattress designed to elevate your sleep to extraordinary levels.

The Beautyrest Quintessence Ideal is not just a mattress; it’s a sanctuary of comfort, innovation, and support. Embrace a sleep experience that goes beyond the ordinary and indulge in the extraordinary. Elevate your mornings with the assurance that you’ve experienced the best in premium bedding. Welcome to the epitome of luxury and restful sleep.



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  1. Nidhi

    Firm but very comfortable at the same time. This is exactly the comfort level I was looking for.

  2. Monire

    This mattress works so well for me I cannot even explain. It’s almost weird how comfortable it is whilst also being nice a firm.

  3. Angela B.

    So happy with this mattress, it is firm but still has a very comfortable top.

  4. Keith

    My wife and I really like the comfort level of this mattress. It also is amazing how it can always keep the surface cool even in our warm bedroom!

  5. David

    Extremely comfortable mattress and firm. Good for my back.

  6. Joanne

    Great mattress. Thank you for the video! It really helped me make a choice.

  7. Natasha

    Very comfortable and supportive. What more do you need?

  8. Ashley B.

    Before I purchased this mattress I would always have issues falling asleep. This has helped me fall asleep so easily! It is very supportive and comfortable. Also the surface is always nice and cool. I love it so much.

  9. Ayesha

    Great mattress!

  10. Julie

    This mattress is well worth the price. Extremely comfortable and a perfect firmness level.

  11. Salmata

    Very comfortable, firm and meets all my expectations.

  12. Joanna K

    Was looking for a mattress that is firm but still very comfortable at the same time. I tried 3-4 in the store and ended up deciding on this Beautyrest mattress. I now have had it for 3 weeks and I am glad I decided with this mattress instead of the other ones.

  13. Audrey

    Really comfortable mattress but I would not say that it is firm. It is more like medium firm.

  14. Allen

    excellent service. delivery was on time, staff great.product is excellent, mattress is perfect. Highly recommend sleep masters Canada they know what they are doing.

  15. Patrick

    Wow! The best mattress that I have ever had. The comfort level is just perfect, soft but firm at the same time. Always remains cool too which was very important for me. Simply the best mattress.

  16. Donald P

    Very comfortable mattress and I am very happy with my purchase.

  17. Shelley T

    It’s definitely a really good quality mattress, you can certainly feel that when you sleep on it but I needed it to be firmer I don’t think it is firm enough.

  18. Andy

    Amazing comfortable and amazingly cool. The best mattress I have owned for sure.

  19. Humberto

    This mattress is really comfortable and ever since we have been sleeping on it we have been waking up really well and without any pains.

  20. Marika

    Just like the name this mattress was really ideal for me!

  21. Florian

    I’m a newcomer here in Toronto and this was my first major purchase. Mattress is very important for me and I made sure I got a good quality mattress. This one is perfect for me.

  22. Kris

    Beautiful mattress, not too firm but firm enough to give my body great support.

  23. Jenny M

    I have a spine curvature and used to wake up with pain in my shoulders. Not anymore! It’s so comfortable and has great support. Also no more movement transfer from my husband who jumps in his sleep.

  24. Erman

    Very supportive mattress with firm support but also a comfortable pressure relieving top for my back and sides. All round great experience too and the delivery was super efficient.

  25. Madi

    I really love this mattress and have been having the best sleep since I purchased it. Will tell my friends about this place when they need a place to go!

  26. Rocco

    Has a really comfortable firmness to it and does not feel too firm to the point where it can actually hurt.

  27. Mussadiq

    What a great mattress, I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase.

  28. Michael F

    Firm support while retaining maximum comfort, worth the price you pay.

  29. Renee

    Been needing a new mattress after using the old one for about 10 years now. I decided to go with this one, it has been two weeks and it feels fine but I am not sure if my body has gotten used to it yet. Maybe after 10 years of the old mattress it is going to take a little longer, let’s see.

  30. Dorothy

    I am so happy with my mattress as I was looking for something that would be firm but not too firm and this one just worked perfectly

  31. Conan

    Not firm enough.

  32. Sav

    I am so thankful to Baris who recommended this mattress for me. I spent the last 2 years sleeping on a piece of crap which i bought from a VERY well known mattress company which I do not want to mention here. I immediately told that company I want to return it and they did everything they could to not allow me to return it. I was forced to keep it but I couldn’t bare it any longer. I told Baris I need something firm but also comfortable at the same time and he had no hesitation recommending this model and I am so grateful!!

  33. Al-Musa

    I was initially skeptical about switching to a firm mattress, but after trying it out, I’m a convert! The level of support it offers has helped alleviate my chronic hip pain, and I’m now able to sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

  34. mauro d

    Outstanding mattress for comfort and also for support. We have family friends who are also looking for a new firm mattress so we will be recommending this to them too.

  35. Valentine

    I love my mattress so much and I cannot believe you guys delivered it all the way to Montreal!

  36. Roxy W

    Second mattress from Sleep Masters and this one might even be better than the last. Great quality, fair pricing and outstanding service!

  37. Semih K

    No doubt the best mattress I have had in my life

  38. Giovanni R

    Still not sure about how much I like the mattress because mine is brand new but at this point in time, I would say that the mattress is very firm, it almost feels like a rock.

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