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The Dreamstar Orthosupreme, short for Orthopedic Supreme, is an extra firm mattress with foam encased pocket coils and extra dense high density foam. Just like the name suggests, this is one of the firmest pocket coil mattresses in the market and certainly the firmest pocket coil mattress available at Sleep Masters Canada. We recommend the Dreamstar Orthosupreme mattress for back and stomach sleepers only. Some side sleepers can find great comfort on this mattress but if you are a strict side sleeper, we recommend that you first test it out in our mattress store in Toronto before making a purchase.

Here are just a few of the key benefits for the Dreamstar Orthosupreme mattress:

1. Extra Firm Lovers Dream

If you are somebody who enjoys an extra firm mattress, you simply cannot go wrong with the Dreamstar Orthosupreme. With the foam encasement, the sleep surface area is maximized and the mattress provides the same extra firm comfort level on all sides of the mattress.

2. Durability

The Orthosupreme mattress is also a super durable mattress. The individually wrapped pocket coils have a low gauge count meaning they are extra stiff, providing very little give. The high density foam used is also a more dense form than the average mattress giving it superior durability. The Orthosupreme mattress comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

3. Heavy Duty

Another key benefit for the Dreamstar Orthosupreme mattress is that it is a great choice for heavier folks! Heavier folks require firmer & more durable mattresses which do not sag in too much and make it difficult to move around in.

Soft Cotton Feel Fibers

Beautiful breathable soft touch feel designed to intensify both air flow and moisture helping to promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface.

Center & Lumbar Support

Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging.

Green Bio High Density Foam

Soy based bio foam offers improved durability, strength and support over conventional foam cores. Based on natural renewable materials, soy foam provides higher level of comfort.

Foam encasement with Coil

360 degrees edge support foam encasement provides greater stability, a comfortable firm sitting edge and reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface while the pocket coils give a substantial support to your body.

Zone Pocket Coil

Zone pocket coil system is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs in certain areas: head, neck, shoulders, hip, back and legs. With the zone pocket coil system, ideal spinal alignment is achieved.

Size Guide

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Single: 39” x 74” x 12″
Single XL: 39” x 80” x 12″
Double: 54” x 74” x 12″
Double XL: 54” x 80” x 12″
Queen: 60” x 80” x 12″
King: 76” x 80” x 12″


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10 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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  • Ontario: 1-3 Business Days
  • Rest of Canada: 4-6 Business Days

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