Melissa Triple Storage Bed


Queen Bed  98”L 86”W 61”H

King Bed    98”L 96”W 61”H

Triple storage Melissa bed. Ottoman storage bench attached to all 3 sides.

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The Melissa storage bed is one of the most popular options at Sleep Masters Canada. With a growing number of people needing more storage in their condos or apartments, these beds have become almost a necessity. The Melissa bed provides tons of storage space with its three ottoman style storage benches on all three sides of the bed. The grey velvet fabric is also guaranteed to add style to your bedroom. Please bare in mind that whilst providing extra storage, this bed is larger than your average bed. Please check the dimensions of each size above and make sure it is a correct fit for your bedroom. Of course, the main benefit of this kind of bed is all the extra storage space it provides. However, here are some of the other key benefits to having a storage bed:

1. No Dust Accumulation

A regular bed frame is usually raised up by 8-10 inches with the use of legs. This provides an opportunity for dust and all sorts of other things to get underneath the bed and accumulate. Anyone who has ever tried cleaning underneath a bed will tell you that this could be one of the most difficult places to clean! Most storage beds including the Melissa bed are almost completely flush with the ground preventing the accumulation of dust under the bed.

2. Stability

As mentioned above, being flush to the ground means that the bed is completely supported from all sides by the ground. Beds that are raised apply all of its pressure to the legs that are under it which have a much higher chance of giving out after years of use.

3. Stylish

One of the main reasons why the Melissa bed is so popular is not only the storage space it provides, but its beautiful style! You can check off style and storage both with this Melissa storage bed.


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