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Deep pocket mattress or box protector. 100% stretch knit soft and luxurious fabric. Waterproof, bed bug and dust mite protection. Easy to fit and zips around the complete mattress or box.

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Mattress protectors are vital with any new mattress. Most new mattresses will come with a 10 or 15 year warranty so you want to make sure you protect your mattress the correct way. Each mattress company will have their own policies regarding warranties but one thing is the same across the board. If your mattress has been stained by a spill, the warranty will be void! However, the role of a mattress protector is more than just protecting the warranty of your mattress. We all know bed bugs are a real issue and an absolute nightmare to deal with. Of course, a mattress protector does not prevent you from getting bed bugs in your house. However, if those buggers do get in, one of the first places they would like to attack is your mattress and box spring! Bed bugs can be removed from a room providing you take the right measures but once they get into your mattress, it is pretty much game over. Today, most mattress protectors will provide bed bug, dust mite, mold and bacteria protection.

Here are some of the other key benefits of using a mattress protector:

1. Improving Sleep Quality

Other than protecting the lifespan of your mattress, a protector can also help improve your sleep quality. Most mattress protectors are made using breathable materials which allow for great air flow. If you are a hot sleeper, you will not be negatively affected by a mattress protector.

2. Mattress Hygiene

Let’s face it, we spend about a third of our lives in bed. This means that we are likely not the only ones in our bed! A whole list of things such as bacteria, fungi, dead skin, pet hair and more are also in our bed. A protector prevents all these things from getting in contact with our mattress.

3. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your mattress is harder than you think and often, you may need to hire a company to clean your mattress. However, this is not needed when you cover your mattress with a protector year around!