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Serta iComfort ECO F15GL Firm 12.5″ Mattress

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Serta iComfort ECO F15GL Firm 12.5″ Mattress

Elevate your sleep sanctuary to new heights with the Serta iComfort ECO F15GL Firm 12.5″ Memory Foam Mattress. This meticulously crafted memory foam mattress combines world-class comfort with eco-conscious design features, offering a sleep experience that is cool, comfortable, and truly rejuvenating.

Key Features:

  1. Firm Comfort Level:

    • Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of firm support and plush comfort. The iComfort® ECO F15GL is engineered to deliver a firm yet luxurious feel, providing the ideal support for a restorative night’s sleep.
  2. CoolTemp™ Cover powered by REPREVE®:

    • Embrace the cool and refreshing touch of the CoolTemp™ Cover, powered by REPREVE®. This innovative cover, crafted from sustainable materials, not only enhances the mattress’s breathability but also underscores Serta’s commitment to eco-friendly sleep solutions.
  3. Terra Fusion™ Memory Foam:

    • Experience the first layer of comfort with Terra Fusion™ Memory Foam. This advanced foam layer conforms to your body’s unique shape, minimizing tossing and turning during the night and promoting uninterrupted sleep.
  4. Deep Reaction® Max Gel Memory Foam:

    • Drift into a world of luxury with Deep Reaction® Max Gel Memory Foam. This specialized foam cradles, cools, and supports, ensuring an extra-luxurious sensation as you drift off into a night of tranquil sleep.
  5. CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams:

    • Rest easy knowing your mattress meets the highest safety standards. The exclusive use of CertiPUR-US® certified foams assures you of a product that prioritizes safety, performance, and environmental responsibility.
  6. 100% Canada Assembled:

    • Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of a mattress that is 100% Canada Assembled. This commitment to assembly in Canada ensures rigorous quality control for a mattress that exceeds expectations.

Additional Features:

  • 10-Year Warranty:

    • Your investment is protected with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, a testament to the durability and quality of the iComfort® ECO F15GL Firm Memory Foam Mattress.

Why Choose the iComfort® ECO F15GL Firm Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Eco-Friendly Design: Experience the best of both worlds with world-class comfort and eco-savvy features.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: Benefit from three layers of cutting-edge foams designed for maximum comfort and support.
  • Certified Safety: Rest assured with CertiPUR-US® certified foams, ensuring a safe and healthy sleep environment.
  • Canadian Craftsmanship: Experience quality assurance with a mattress that is 100% Canada Assembled.

Transform your sleep into a luxurious and environmentally conscious experience with the iComfort® ECO F15GL 12.5″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress by Serta.


Ontario: 7-10 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 10-14 Business Days

  1. Catherine

    This is a very comfortable high quality mattress. So far so good for me!

  2. Krista

    This mattress is nice and firm but not too firm. I find it very comfortable and I love how it makes no movement when my partner is moving around.

  3. Linda M

    Sleeping like a baby. This mattress has a firmness to it but a comfortable top at the same time. My favorite thing about it is that it is always cool.

  4. Kathleen F

    We purchased the Queen size and honestly I’ve never looked forward to going to sleep as much as I do now. It’s always cool, firm but not too firm and no motion transfer at all

  5. Shelby

    I replaced my spring mattress with this firm iComfort and it is one of the best choices i have made in a long time. Completely changed my sleep for the better.

  6. Victoria

    This is my first purchase from this company and I am very happy with the mattress and also the service. I have recommended them to my family and friends.

  7. Paul S

    Tried it in the store and loved it right away. Ordered it and the mattress came on the day they said it would. The delivery guys even took it up and placed it on my bed frame for me. Really happy with the quality of the mattress and also the service.

  8. Dragana

    Really good mattress. We had slept on it at a Hotel for a couple of nights and we fell in love with it and decided to buy one for ourselves.

  9. Natasha

    We’ve had this mattress for a while now and its soooo good!

  10. Angela D

    This is a definite 5 star. The mattress just has a perfect balance of firmness and comfort. Like you feel the firmness come from beneath but the top part of the mattress is still very comfortable and soothing.

  11. Emre

    I am super happy with this mattress, it works really well with my adjustable base and the comfort is just what I was looking for. I wanted a mattress to be firm but not crazy firm. Also, the fact that the surface is always nice and cool is such a bonus!

  12. Natasha

    This is the best mattress I have had without a doubt. I like firmer mattresses but not like a rock it still needs some give at the top and this mattress does that perfectly.

  13. Nancy Doherty

    Thankful to Sleep Masters for making this really easy for me. I did not have a clue of what type of mattress to get but I was informed of all the types in the store and then recommended this one for all my needs. Delivery was also really easy!

  14. Tomson

    Our experience with Sleep Masters Canada was outstanding and it is honestly good to see that there are still honest businesses out there. From the knowledagable sales staff to the excellent delivery team, everything was incredible. I will make sure to recommend all of my friends to you guys. Thank you for everything.

  15. Chantal

    No more sore back for me or sore hip for my husband. It’s the perfect mix of support and firmness for a great nights sleep.
    We definitely recommend.

  16. Vesime

    Not good mattress, I didn’t like

  17. Mahdi

    We replaced our mattress with this iComfort firm and we are very happy with it.

  18. Don R

    Very comfortable mattress I was just expecting it to be a tiny bit firmer.

  19. Haysam

    I’ve had terrible lower back pain for a very long time which is probably also due to my work as I do construction. I’ve purchased this mattress and I have now been sleeping on it for just under a month. For reference, I am 205 lbs and I like to sleep on my back and my sides and this mattress has definitely helped with my pains. They are not completely gone, but I would take this over what I had before any day of the week.

  20. Don

    Probably the thing I like most about this mattress is the coolness but of course it is also very comfortable

  21. Dorothy

    Not only is this mattress awesome, but you guys have the best service I have seen and your prices are so good!

  22. Zouie

    So I saw something similar to this at sleep country but it had a different name so i was a little confused because they were also very differently priced. Then when I checked the specs it seemed to be almost exactly the same mattress so I went ahead with this one and it has been so good for me.

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