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The Serta iComfort CF3000 Plush is the pinnacle of plush memory foam mattresses. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the iComfort mattresses by Serta provide you the upmost in comfort whilst also keeping a cool sleep surface at all times. This is achieved by the use of the latest technology foams such as carbon fiber memory foam, open celled memory foam and the sir support foam layer. These foams are specifically designed to absorb your body head and funnel it away from the sleep surface. If you have been looking for a high quality plush memory foam based mattress, you have found it. Look no further! As Sleep Masters Canada, our goal is to be able to provide you with highest quality memory foam mattresses for the most fair prices available on the market.

Here are some of the key benefits of the iComfort CF3000 Plush mattress:

1. Cool Sleep

The traditional memory foam mattresses have previously caused issues with retaining body heat and applying that heat to the sleep surface. Thankfully, the iComfort mattresses by Serta are excellent at absorbing your body heat but channeling that heat away from you. This is especially important with plush memory foam mattresses since the more you sink into a mattress, the more heat that gets trapped in the pressure points.

2. Durable

The Serta iComfort CF3000 plush mattress is also known for its durability. Thanks to the multi layer latest technology foams, this mattress is designed to outlast all other memory foam mattresses whilst providing the upmost in comfort. This mattress comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

3. Adjustable Base Friendly

No mattress can be more adjustable base friendly than the Serta iComfort Cf3000 Plush! Thanks to the certiPUR-US certified flexible polyurethane foam and memory foams, this mattress can shape itself however the adjustable base wishes!


Product Features

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  • Max Cold Cover
  • UltraCold System™
  • Carbon Fiber Memory Foam
  • iComfort Gel Memory Foam
  • EverCool Supreme Memory Foam
  • Serta Balanced Support Foam
  • Serta Foam Core