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Here we have the Dreamstar Hilton mattress. First things first, the Dreamstar Hilton is a hybrid mattress with foam encased pocket coils, high density foam and a gel memory foam pillowtop. This mattress is neither soft or firm but rather medium. Being a medium mattress, the Dreamstar Hilton applies to a wider range of people since it suits back, side or stomach sleepers altogether. This mattress has always been a very popular choice at Sleep Masters Canada and for good reason.

Here are a few of the key benefits of the Dreamstar Hilton mattress:

1. Hybrid

Being a hybrid mattress, the Dreamstar Hilton give you a combination of individually wrapped pocket coils and a pillowtop filled with gel memory foam. So not only do you get the pressure relieving comfort of the gel memory foam, but also the durability, support and breathability of a pocket coil base.

2. Durability

The Dreamstar Hilton mattress comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. This is a highly durable mattress expected to last anywhere between 8-12 years.

3. Comfort Level

As mentioned above, being a medium hybrid mattress the Hilton applies to a wide audience. Another advantage of the Hilton mattress is the minimal motion transfer across the sleep surface. If you are sharing this mattress with a partner, you will feel little to no motion due the movement of your partner thanks to both the individually wrapped pocket coils and gel memory foam pillowtop.

Center & Lumbar Support

Center & Lumbar Support
Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging.

Green Bio High Density Foam

Green Bio High Density Foam
Soy based bio foam offers improved durability, strength and support over conventional foam cores. Based on natural renewable materials, soy foam provides higher level of comfort.

Comfort Layers

Comfort Layers
Quilted layers of foam and downy fibers combined with optimal support create specific structural properties that can help reduce tossing and turning and allow for improved pressure relieving comfort.

Bio Gel Memory Foam

Bio Gel Memory Foam
Gel infused memory foam not only provides significantly more body support, but it also creates an ideal temperature regulated sleep surface. Breathable construction permits optimal airflow.

Foam encasement with Coil

Foam encasement with Coil
360 degrees edge support foam encasement provides greater stability, a comfortable firm sitting edge and reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface while the pocket coils give a substantial support to your body.

Size Guide

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Single: 39” x 74” x 12″
Single XL: 39” x 80” x 12″
Double: 54” x 74” x 12″
Double XL: 54” x 80” x 12″
Queen: 60” x 80” x 12″
King: 76” x 80” x 12″


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10 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Canada Wide Free Shipping

  • Ontario: 1-3 Business Days
  • Rest of Canada: 4-6 Business Days

15 reviews for Dreamstar Hilton

  1. Tammy M.

    This mattress is just as described on the website. A perfect medium, not so form and not so soft. I am a back/side sleeper and I am really happy with it.

  2. Allison

    I find this mattress comfortable for sure but it’s not the most comfortable mattress I have purchased. Still good quality for the price though.

  3. Celeste B.

    This is such an upgrade from my previous mattress OMG!

  4. Alysha

    I think this is a beautiful mattress for the price. I would suggest going into the store and trying it!

  5. Steve

    This is a great price for this mattress. Very comfortable.

  6. MARY

    This just feels so perfect for me. not firm and not soft, just how I like it.

  7. Shirlyn

    Just right! Love it!

  8. Kayla

    This mattress feels firm but soft at the same time. Really comfortable mattress!

  9. Line G.

    Very good mattress and a fair price. Will order again!

  10. Sarah

    We purchased a double size for our daughter and it is a perfect firmness for her growing body! We and she is really happy.

  11. Louis

    This is such great value for money. I am seeing like $2000 mattresses from other places and I don’t understand why. This is a great mattress and i love the price.

  12. Gurpreet

    I am very happy that I bought the Hilton mattress because it is comfortable for me on my back and my sides. Also the price is much better than some of the other mattresses.

  13. Donna

    This is our second Hilton mattress and we love it so much!

  14. Dan

    Very comfortable mattress for a good price!

  15. Jaden

    Good mattress.

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