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Beautyrest Quintessence Immaculate Pillowtop Plush 17″

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Beautyrest Quintessence Immaculate Pillow Top Plush Mattress

Indulge in the epitome of modern luxury with the Beautyrest Quintessence Immaculate Pillow Top Plush Mattress. Elevate your sleeping experience to new heights with this ground-breaking innovation that seamlessly combines exquisite comfort, advanced cooling technologies, and unparalleled support.

Key Features:

  1. Tri-Blend Comfort Fibers: Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with the signature tri-blend comfort fibers comprising cashmere, wool, and alpaca. These natural materials provide a lavish feel, enhanced breathability, and superior ventilation, ensuring a night of blissful comfort.
  2. WinterCool System: The Quintessence collection introduces the WinterCool System, incorporating four unique cooling technologies for the optimal sleep environment:
    • WinterCool Fabric Treatment: Regulates temperature for a comfortable sleep.
    • WinterCool Quilt Fiber: Antimicrobial and breathable, delivering a clean and cool sleep experience.
    • WinterCool Tri-Fiber: Natural cashmere, silk, and alpaca fibers create a hypoallergenic and luxurious feel.
    • WinterCool Carbon Foam: Conducts heat away from the body, maintaining a cool sleep surface.
  3. Beautyrest T3 Pocketed Coil Precision Support System: Experience all-night ultimate support with the revolutionary T3 Pocketed Coil Precision Support System. Engineered to provide additional support in the crucial center third of your body, where it is needed most, these coils respond independently, curbing motion transfer and ensuring continuous pressure relief throughout the night. Enjoy a five-star sleep experience every night.

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the Beautyrest Quintessence Immaculate Pillow Top Plush Mattress. Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort, advanced cooling, and precision support for a truly luxurious and restorative sleep.


key features



Ontario: 5-7 Business Days

Canada Wide: 7-10 Business Days

  1. Michelle

    My husband and I tested so many mattresses to find that hotel mattress comfort and finally found it. This is so comfortable that we look forward to going to bed every night. Will highly recommend.

  2. Brett O.

    I’m sure ‘comfortable’ means different things for different people but I can certainly say that this is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned.

  3. Colleen

    So soft and so comfortable. You get what you pay for with this mattress.

  4. Brandie

    Love this mattress, very comfortable and I am sleeping great every night.

  5. Vincent

    I am really happy with this mattress. Not just me but my wife also loves it. We really recommend it. Might be more expensive than others but it is worth it.

  6. Janet

    So far so good! Been 2 weeks and we love it so far!

  7. Razieh

    You need to test this mattress to understand how comfortable it is. I was told it’s best for side sleepers but for me it feels amazing in every position. You can just feel the quality of the mattress the moment you lay on it. One thing you need to watch out for is the thickness! This is a BIG mattress!

  8. Gina

    This is the perfect mattress for me. I am a very happy customer. So comfortable and soft. Don’t hesitate to get one.

  9. Anie T.

    Excellent quality and extremely comfortable!

  10. Lee

    First tried this mattress in store and now I have had it for 2 months I can say that it is super comfortable. Highly recommend this mattress.

  11. Megan

    Really comfortable mattress and I love that it is nice and tall. It works really well with my bed frame.

  12. Ronald

    Very comfortable and works perfectly for my wife and I.

  13. Lisa T

    I love this mattress, I have been sleeping great on it ever since.

  14. Sarah R.

    This is definitely an expensive mattress but you understand why when you get to test it out. It just feels superior to any other mattress.

  15. Jesse K

    Might be high priced but it is by far the best mattress I have ever slept on so I would say money well spent.

  16. Norman

    Simply the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Much better price than what you see at some places too so thanks guys!

  17. Grigorios

    Great mattress

  18. Makayla

    The delivery guys were great, they delivered the mattress directly into my bedroom and placed it on my bed frame for me. The mattress is very heavy so I could not of done this myself. Also the mattress is super comfortable and remains cool at all times which is important for me. All round, a fantastic experience.

  19. Budrana K

    I absolutely love this mattress, it was a great recommendation by a friend of mine who has the same one. Thank you very much!

  20. Kimberly S

    Absolutely amazing mattress!

  21. Virginia

    The mattress is really really comfortable I have no complaints there but I will say we have a King size and it is almost impossible to move on my own it is way too heavy.

  22. Jennifer C

    Very prompt delivery and so far the mattress has been extremely comfortable

  23. Lynn S

    I had an accident a few years ago and I’ve always had trouble with mattresses since then. I have tried 3 prior to this mattress which really did not work but this one which I have been using for 4 months now has been incredible so far.

  24. Habib

    Extremely comfortable mattress and I felt a difference in my sleep the first night. It is very soft but not so much where you sink in or have to get up and move. I highly recommend it for a perfect night sleep.

  25. Shawn

    Just like the name suggests, this really is an immaculate mattress. No much else needs to be said.

  26. Sinan

    Truly is a great mattress, the comfort is second to none but I will say it is a really big mattress just incase anyone didn’t know.

  27. Joel

    Only have good things to say about this mattress, but I also want to mention that we got great service with the delivery and removal of our old King mattress.

  28. Miguel

    I was initially looking for the Beautyrest Black Hayward mattress which I purchased 2 years ago and I loved it so much. We recently moved that one to our cottage so I was looking for the same for my home. I was sad to see that the Hayward mattress is now discontinued but I was told that it was replaced with this Quintessence Plush mattress and that it is the exact same. I have been sleeping on this one for 3 weeks now and I can say it really is the same, if not better!

  29. Harit

    I’m writing this review laying on the mattress right now because I don’t really ever want to get off of it. I think that tells you enough.

  30. Flo

    Quite easily the best mattress I have owned.

  31. Denis

    I am slightly on the heavier side and my wife is more petite. I sleep on my sides and she is mostly a back sleeper so we needed a mattress that would work for the both of us. We contacted sleep masters Canada and we spoke to a gentlemen who narrowed down the options to just two mattresses and let us make the final decision. We decided to go with this beautyrest mattress and it has been nothing short of perfect. What I also love about it is that the mattress remains cool and doesn’t get too hot which is an issue I would have sometimes on our old mattress. Great experience shopping with Sleep Masters Canada.

  32. Ella

    Purchased both the plush version and the firm 13″ model and they are both great mattresses. Free delivery within a week and we had our old mattresses disposed for a small fee. Really happy with the products and also the service.

  33. Emre O

    Got two mattresses delivered to our cottage in Muskoka this being one of them and they are both fantastic. The guys were great with communication and delivered promptly.

  34. Berge

    We are not strangers to beautyrest. We had a Queen size and now we upgraded to a King beautyrest and now we are thinking maybe we should of done this upgrade years ago. Best mattress we have ever owned and highly recommend it for everyone.

  35. Bernardette

    I purchased this mattress after trying it at my parents cottage as they have the same one. I love it so much!

  36. Ronald A

    This is a very good mattress. I didn’t realize how terrible my sleep was before I slept a few nights on this. I had told the salesman in the store that I toss and turn a lot when he asked me if I was more of a back or side sleeper. He told me the reason why I am tossing and turning a lot is probably because my old mattress wasn’t giving me enough pressure relief. Now I know exactly what he means. I just don’t feel the need to toss and turn anymore.

  37. Yongfeng

    Very good quality, you can tell that right when you first try it and the delivery guys were very kind to set it up on our bed frame. I was just expecting it to be a little softer.

  38. Vanessa

    Sleep well, very comfortable, would definitely recommend to friends.
    Thank you Sleep Masters Canada!!!

  39. Zaynap

    Tried many softer mattresses but most of them feel like they sink in too much but this one was perfect. I like a softer mattress but not one that makes you feel like you fall into the mattress but still feels like you are on top of it.

  40. Victoria Y

    Personally, I didn’t find this mattress soft enough. I know there is an ultra plush version I saw it on the website but I thought this would be enough. To me this felt more like a medium.

  41. Anny

    10/10! Absolutely in love with this mattress! It was such a seamless purchase and delivery experience, I would recommend for sure!

  42. Peter

    Recently purchased the Queen size of this mattress and I can definitely say I have never slept on a better mattress. I absolutely love it and 100% would recommend!

  43. Matheus

    We will never purchase from any other mattress store again, my wife and I are really happy with the mattress but even more so with the service. We were a little lost when looking for a new mattress as to be perfectly honest, the mattress industry just seems like it is full of tricks and it is so confusing nowadays. But we met with Ali in the store and he broke things down for us and helped us identify just 2 mattresses that would work best for us. We picked this one and he was right, it works amazing. Delivery was fast and the guys were very kind. From start to finish we are really happy with our experience.

  44. Melinda

    Gotta say you guys are just amazing with your recommendations and also your service from start to finish. Honestly there just isn’t customer service like you guys anymore so thanks a lot. The mattress is awesome and we will be recommending you guys to our family and friends!

  45. Nicolas

    I really didn’t like my mattress at all, it’s huge for no reason because it wasn’t even comfortable and i’m only giving 2 stars because the delivery guys were very friendly.

  46. Ezra

    So we were going back and forth between this one and the ultra plush model and the reason we decided to go with this is because we thought maybe in the long run, the ultra plush would creates issues in the lower back. What a great decision we made because even this one is really soft so I can’t imagine how soft the ultra plush would have been.

  47. Mary P

    We purchased two of these mattresses within a month of eachother after we really enjoyed the first one, decided to get one for the cottage too. Also, your delivery team needs a raise or something because they are just incredible. I am so sorry I forgot to tip them!!!

  48. Memo

    This mattress is truly incredible I wish it didn’t have to be so large and heavy but I guess that’s what you get when you go for a high quality mattress.

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