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Beautyrest® Harmony Lux Diamond Plush Mattress Toronto
Beautyrest Harmony Lux diamond plush Pillow Top Mattress Price Comparison

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Pillowtop Plush Mattress

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Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Pillowtop Plush Mattress:

The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Pillowtop Plush Mattress is designed to offer a combination of support and luxurious comfort. Here are some key features you might expect:

Pillow-Top Design

The mattress features a pillow-top layer, which is an additional layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress. This enhances the plushness and provides an extra layer of comfort.

Plush Comfort Level

The “plush” designation indicates a softer feel, making this mattress suitable for those who prefer a gentle, cushioning sleep surface. It allows for a bit of sink-in feel without sacrificing support.

Hybrid Construction

Like other mattresses in the Harmony Lux collection, this model likely incorporates a hybrid design, combining pocketed coils and layers of foam. The pocketed coil system provides targeted support, while the foam layers contribute to comfort and pressure relief.

Advanced Comfort Materials

Expect advanced comfort materials, such as memory foam or other specialized foams, designed to contour to your body, relieve pressure points, and enhance overall comfort.

Temperature Regulation

Many modern mattresses, including those in the Harmony Lux collection, incorporate technologies or materials aimed at promoting airflow and temperature regulation to prevent overheating during the night.

Motion Isolation

Hybrid mattresses, thanks to their construction, often excel in motion isolation. This is beneficial for couples, as it minimizes disturbances caused by movement.

Edge Support

While plush mattresses are known for their softness, manufacturers often reinforce the edges to provide better support. This can be important for maximizing the usable surface area of the mattress.

Luxurious Cover

The mattress is likely topped with a high-quality, luxurious fabric cover that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

CertiPUR-US Certified

Beautyrest mattresses typically adhere to CertiPUR-US standards, ensuring they are made without harmful chemicals and meet specific criteria for performance, emissions, and durability.





Ontario: 7-10 Business Days

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  1. Jeffrey

    Just a really comfortable mattress tbh. Glad I made this choice.

  2. Sujin

    I tried a bunch of ‘soft’ mattresses and none of them were actually soft. I can tell everyone with full confidence that this mattress is actually soft! I love it!

  3. Laura

    I am a side sleeper and I need something really soft for my hips and this just works perfectly for me! Love it so much!

  4. Chris

    Just feels super luxurious everytime I get into bed. Really happy with this mattress and I will also recommend it to my family and friends.

  5. Nelson

    This mattress is very soft and comfortable. The delivery guys were excellent too!

  6. Alex B.

    I purchased this mattress after using my old mattress for 14-15 years. This is a beautiful mattress, it always stays cool and doesn’t create any pressure points. Will recommend it to everyone.

  7. Roberta

    We absolutely love it. Sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

  8. Vicky

    Purchased this mattress for my son. He says mom, this is the best sleep I have ever had!

  9. Johnny

    Wonderful nights sleep every night. I cannot complain, it is near perfect.

  10. Assadd

    I think this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I would recommend it if you like a soft mattress.

  11. Nadine

    We purchased this for our guest room a while ago but we only just had a guest stay over the weekend and the first thing they mentioned in the morning was how comfortable the mattress was haha!

  12. Ivanella N

    I am a side sleeper and it relieves the pressure that I have on my hips so I really like it so far!

  13. Sergio

    This has to be the most comfortable mattress that I have slept on. 6 weeks in and I am in love with it.

  14. GLC

    Oh wow what a sleep. This mattress is outstanding and I recommend it 100%

  15. Susan F

    4 weeks in and so far this mattress has been a great experience.

  16. Danette R

    You cannot go wrong with this mattress. I am glad we decided to go with this one.

  17. Zane B

    Very well constructed mattress and the pillowtop just feels magical.

  18. Jennifer

    After 2 months of using this mattress, it is quite apparent that it provides incredible comfort and support. Even my hubbys snoring has gone away!

  19. Dimple S

    A very comfortable sleep 🙂

  20. Kelly Lloyd

    I’ve had this mattress for five months now and it is not the same as when I first got it. I really LOVED this mattress so much! I had the best sleep and finally no pain in my back and shoulders. I didn’t feel my husband move in the night and slept soundly. Fast-forward to about 2-3 weeks ago, and I am so disappointed! Both sides where we sleep now have a permanent “pit” or sagging and is now bothering my back like my old mattress. We are not heavy people. I expect for the price of this mattress that that would not happen. We are past the 100 night sleep trial, so stuck with a mattress that feels 10+ years old.

    • Ali

      Hello Kelly!

      We are very sorry to hear about your experience with this particular mattress. I just want to let you know that your mattress should be covered under warranty and the issue you mentioned is certainly fixable! If you purchased your mattress from us, please e-mail us the copy of your invoice to [email protected] and we will happily forward your warranty claim to the manufacturer for you!

  21. Linda K

    My daughter loves her new mattress

  22. Jane

    We love this mattress . . . it’s been a long time since finally sleeping through the night and not having to constantly turn to find comfortable body position. Absolutely no time required to adjust to this super comfy mattress . . . would highly recommend

  23. Paula

    I found this mattress to be very comfortable which I would expect for the price. I usually prefer something a little firmer but my husband insisted on this one and it’s been great so far.

  24. Marc

    In a time where it can be so difficult to find the right mattress I am so glad to have found this website. I called up and was helped by one of the guys there, he asked me a few questions to figure out what would work best for me and then recommended this mattress. I ordered it over the phone and it arrived the next week. Now, I have had it for over a week myself and it is clear to me that this is the best type of mattress for me.

  25. Kristen S

    We are very satisfied with this mattress but also we purchased a double Hilton mattress for our daughter and that seems really good too!

  26. Maria

    The mattress is wonderful but I want to specifically mention the service that we received from Sleep Masters Canada. They kept us up to date with the delivery of our mattress and when it was delivered, the guys set it up on our bed frame and then took away the plastic bags. They left no mess behind, they were very quick and they also removed our old mattress for us!

  27. Joseph M

    I was actually looking for a medium mattress but once I tried this one it was hard to go for anything else.

  28. Sergui G

    Not much needs to be said about the mattress other than it is really comfortable

  29. Kulsum G

    I love it, my boyfriend loves it, our Siberian Husky loves it.

  30. Kaya

    This mattress is really like no other! I know it might be cliche but it really is like sleeping on a cloud, so soft and comfortable and it feels better every night.

  31. Pedro

    Everything I expected, nice and soft and it feels comfortable on both my back and sides.

  32. Kate

    I tried this mattress first and I didn’t have to think twice about it. Perfect mattress!

  33. Coreen J

    I am so happy with my new mattress. I would highly recommend this mattress.

  34. Jeffrey

    Feels really comfortable, nice and cool at all times.

  35. Luka

    Just feels perfect every night

  36. Holly R

    Cannot tell you how anxious I was when shopping for a new mattress. So many brands and types and the more research I did the more confused I got. Decided to call them and I guess I was lucky to have spoken to Ali who really helped me find the right type of mattress that would work best for me. He told me that the brand isn’t all that important as long as it’s the right TYPE! We narrowed down the options to just two mattresses and then I decided on the Beautyrest Diamond Plush and it has been SOOO perfect. I will recommend all of my friends and family to you guys!!

  37. Arwyn

    Purchased this badboy after spending 12 years on my old mattress and let’s just say this change was very welcomed! I love the new bed and I am thankful for the delivery guys who made it all really easy.

  38. Eric S

    This mattress is really comfortable and stays cool even on hotter days

  39. Troy

    Previous mattress was an expensive “high end” brand. This Beautyrest is a much more comfortable mattress and costs less than my previous bed. Glad I made the switch.

  40. Boney

    Too big of a mattress, really heavy and was not soft enough for me

  41. Sagar H

    The mattress is really comfortable

  42. Bill

    The mattress is super comfortable and I am no longer waking up with sore hips. My FitBit app also tells me i am sleeping better!

  43. Ginette

    Oh boy I realized that I have waited way too long to change my mattress AFTER I had this new mattress delivered. This is the best sleep i’ve had in a long time.

  44. Carlos

    This mattress is soft and I have zero pain in my shoulders and pressure points. For context, I am a side sleeper and approximately 185 lbs.

  45. Jayden

    It’s a good mattress and I would hate to break off a 5 star to make it a 4 star but I just feel it might be a little too soft which kind of worries me for the future, once it has got like 4-5 years old I don’t know if it’s still going to be how it is now.

  46. Christine N

    Still early days but my initial impressions are all positive. Mattress is soft and comfortable and I guess my only complaint would be the thickness but with deep pocket sheets it works.

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