Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Medium Mattress for Sale
Beautyrest Harmony Lux diamond Medium Pillow Top Mattress Price Comparison

Beautyrest® Harmony Lux Diamond Pillowtop Medium Mattress

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Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Medium Pillowtop Mattress

The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Medium Pillowtop line features the latest innovations in support, comfort, and cooling, which work together in harmony to unlock your best sleep. Precision Support System™ powered by their patented T2 Pocketed Coil® Technology features a dual-strand design to deliver up to 25% more support through the center third of the mattress, where your body needs it most. This Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Medium Pillowtop also has upgraded comfort features like the new RightTemp™ Wave Foam and Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam to help keep you comfortable and cool all night long.

T2 Pocketed Coil™ Technology

  • Delivers additional support in the center of your mattress, where you need it most
  • Double strand engineering
  • Enhanced support and pressure relief
  • Absorbs energy to reduce motion
  • Long lasting durability


  • Enhanced conforming properties and pressure relief
  • More edge support provides a firmer and more
  • Stable edge-to-edge sleeping area

InfiniCool™ Lux

  • Feel cool with Cool-to-the-Touch technology on the mattress sleeping surface
  • Antimicrobial performance layer that works to keep your mattress fresh and cool while moving heat away from the body.

RightTemp™ Wave Foam

  • Provides consistent support and enhanced comfort.
  • Conductive materials pull heat away from the body.

Beautyrest® Gel Foam

  • Provides advanced pressure relief.
  • Promotes freedom of movement.

Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam

  • Unique high density memory foam that
  • Contours and conforms to your personal shape

SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam

  • Premium memory foam directly under the sleep surface unlocks immediate, advanced pressure relief.

Micro Diamond™ Memory Foam

  • A highly conductive memory foam that moves heat away from the body, for a cool, comfortable sleep.

Seaqual™ Fabric Technology

  • Plastics recovered from the world’s oceans are transformed into premium new fabrics.
  • New sustainable fabrics feature the same premium quality, softness and comfort you expect from Beautyrest.
  • Each queen mattress helps recover the equivalent of 50 water bottles from our oceans.





Ontario: 7-10 Business Days

All Other Provinces: 10-14 Business Days

  1. Oscar

    Perfect balance between plush and firm. I am a heavier person and I sleep on my sides. This medium mattress has really helped me with my lower back pain. Thank you to sleep masters for this mattress.

  2. Katherine & Paul

    My husband and I don’t agree on much, but we certainly both approve with this mattress. It’s so comfortable and so supportive. You must try it to understand!

  3. Mesic

    Really high quality product and the perfect comfort level for me.

  4. Justin

    This is my 2nd mattress from Sleep Masters and again it is just beautiful. If you are someone who enjoys a medium comfort level this is probably the best mattress you can buy.

  5. Lee

    Purchased this for my son and he has mentioned how much he loves it non stop for a week. So I guess it’s good!

  6. Julie

    I waited for a couple of weeks before I review this mattress but this has gotten better with every night. Now I feel that my body has fully adjusted to my new mattress and I am sleeping better than ever!

  7. Robert

    Without a doubt the best mattress I have ever owned. A fair price when compared to other placed too.

  8. Sandra

    Very comfortable mattress and a fair price point. Service was also great. Really satisfied with my purchase.

  9. Kiersten

    We are very happy with this mattress and we have been sleeping great every night.

  10. James

    Bought this mattress for our master bedroom and it really stands out! Also very comfortable too!

  11. Chad M.

    Very good mattress and good service that we received from Sleep Masters. Thank you guys.

  12. Mary

    I am really impressed with this mattress and especially the cooling effect. No more hot nights in bed.

  13. Tracey

    So comfortable that I am sleeping throughout the night. Only downfall is difficulty getting up in the morning!

  14. Zane C

    well constructed medium to firm with a nice pillow top, very happy

  15. Tyler

    Excellent night sleep every single night.

  16. Erica M

    We had a temperature issue with our old mattress where it was making us too hot. We switched over to this Beautyrest mattress and not only is it really comfortable, it’s also helping us stay cool all night.

  17. Maya M

    I can’t say enough good things about this mattress! Most importantly, the hubby likes it so thank you!

  18. Tracey

    The mattress has been great for us since day one.

  19. Rosanne M

    If you like a mattress which is not too firm or too soft you will not regret taking this one. We’ve only had it for 2 weeks but we are already seeing improvements with our lower back pains.

  20. Gerald

    Fabulous mattress, it really makes you feel like you are weightless. Really easy to move around in and really good at minimizing the motion transfer.

  21. Carol M

    I am definitely a happy camper with this mattress! It seems to get better every night.

  22. Taylan

    I think i realized this would be a great mattress when I tried to move it! It is so heavy that you can tell they put all the good stuff in there. Most importantly it’s just a really comfortable mattress.

  23. Keylin

    This is a terrific mattress and definitely worth the price

  24. Eddie

    Seems like I have made a good choice. I’ve always liked medium mattresses because I find when it is too soft it hurts my lower back and this is probably the best medium mattress I have had.

  25. Mark S.

    I’ve only had this mattress for a month now but I can definitely say it is the best mattress I have had. I am a back and side sleeper and it works really well for me.

  26. Steve D

    From order to delivery to the comfort of the mattress, just perfection. Recommend to anyone.

  27. Nathan S

    Very comfy especially on the pressure points like shoulders and hips

  28. Kenan

    Truly is a diamond, really comfortable mattress and the service was incredible. The delivery guys literally did all the work and even removed my old mattress.

  29. Gustavo

    I like a firmer mattress but my wife prefers a softer mattress so we had to find a mattress that would work for both of us with some compromise on both ends. We were recommended this mattress and I must say we are both extremely happy with our selection. It does not feel like either of us made any compromise at all.

  30. Marcel

    Very good mattress and best delivery service. Thank you very much!

  31. Penelope

    We are on the heavier side and we were looking for a mattress that would help us with our lower back pain because we have been waking up with sore hips every morning for a couple months now. We didn’t really know what to look for so we called and spoke to Baris over the phone. We told him that we were both mainly side sleepers and sometimes back but mainly side. He recommended this mattress to us and explained carefully why he thinks this would be a very good fit for us. We’ve been sleeping much better since we purchased this mattress so he was totally right!

  32. Ateisha


  33. Rhonda

    Bought this mattress about 3 months ago so this review is long overdue but I definitely love it. I am getting better sleep every night and I would highly recommend this mattress.

  34. Kane

    We were very happy with our new mattress and have recommend to our friends and family. Delivery was very quick also. Thank you Sleep Masters Canada!!

  35. Ange

    Ordered online and it arrived within a week, the delivery guys were really helpful and set the new mattress up on my bed. I am pleased with the mattress and also the service.

  36. Erwin

    Oh I am so happy with my new mattress and thank you to Baris who helped me pick this option over the other mattress I was comparing it with. I just wish it wasn’t such a thick bed but I guess that’s how most of them are nowadays.

  37. Thalita

    I was expecting a medium but it definitely felt firmer than a medium

  38. Linda

    What a beautifully made mattress, I don’t know how anyone can try this mattress out and then purchase something else. Everything about it is perfect and we cannot thank the delivery service enough for helping us place it on the new bed frame and removing the old mattress!

  39. Christy

    I had to stay at my sisters during the renovations taking place at my home. My sister had this mattress in the guest room and I fell in love with it so decided to get one for myself when I could finally move back. Great mattress and definitely worth the price.

  40. Benji

    Gotta say I found it to be a little firmer than a medium but I am guessing that is because it is brand new and it needs to break in a little bit.

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