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Beautyrest 8″ Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Beautyrest Firm



Beautyrest 8″ Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

The Beautyrest 8″ Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress-in-a-box offers an optimal balance of firm comfort and superior support, making it an ideal choice for Back and Stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

Key Features:

Advanced Cooling Technology:

Experience a cool and comfortable sleep with the 1″ AirCool® Gel Memory Foam. This high-density gel-infused memory foam not only provides excellent pressure relief but also promotes freedom of movement. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep without overheating.

Superior Support:

The 7″ Beautyrest® Foam Core features high-density supportive foam, ensuring that you receive the highest level of support for your back and body. Wake up feeling refreshed and well-supported every morning.

CertiPur-US Certification:

Rest easy knowing that all our foams meet the rigorous standards of the CertiPur-US program for content and emissions. Our mattresses are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Designed and Built in Canada:

Experience the craftsmanship of a mattress designed and built in Canada. Beautyrest takes pride in delivering a product that reflects Canadian quality and attention to detail.

Sleep Preference:

Firm mattresses are thoughtfully engineered to provide robust support, positioning them as an ideal selection for individuals who favor back and stomach sleeping styles. Crafted with a less yielding surface, these mattresses actively encourage proper spinal alignment, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Their stable foundation is designed to cater specifically to those who appreciate a solid feel and seek additional back support, making firm mattresses a reliable choice for those who prioritize both comfort and spinal wellness during their nightly rest.

Upgrade your sleep with the 8″ Beautyrest Mattress-in-a-box – where firm comfort meets exceptional support. Invest in a mattress that not only meets but exceeds industry standards for content, emissions, and overall quality. Designed and built in Canada, it’s a testament to our commitment to providing you with a superior sleep experience.


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Canada Wide Delivery: 7-10 Business Days

  1. assad Z

    it’s a great mattress, i like it.

  2. Liz


  3. Frank

    All I can say is that for the price it’s a good mattress and the firmness is really good for me

  4. Shwan R

    It’s a good mattress and the service was really convenient but I just expected it to be a little firmer.

  5. Andy

    Comfortable, firm, good delivery service.

  6. Mark

    A great mattress for a spare bedroom or for temporary use.

  7. Nathan A

    This mattress is great value for the price and we are really happy with it.

  8. Ebru

    I was looking for a temporary mattress for my guests that were staying over for 2 weeks and I chose this one as they liked a firmer mattress. They loved it so much and I’ve now kept it in the spare bedroom.

  9. Lucas

    Not terrible but it’s also not the best mattress I ever had.

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