We offer Canadian-made mattresses that are crafted with top quality, healthy and environmentally- friendly materials. You can choose from a variety of luxury and classic styles to suit your preferences and budget.

Because we often have a mattress sale, Mississauga residents can always find good deals. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in a mattress Mississauga model yet, our customer service team can guide you through the benefits of each style.

Custom Built Mattress Mississauga

If you know exactly what you want in your mattress, you can choose your preferred size, materials, height and surface. Other popular features include orthopedic support, bamboo fabric, organic cotton, natural latex and memory foam.

Studies show that when you optimize your sleep environment, including how to build a quality mattress Mississauga style, it results in a better sleep that has cumulative health benefits. You can wake up with more energy and feel refreshed.

Mattress Sale Mississauga

If you’re always on the lookout for a mattress sale, Mississauga shoppers can find great deals at our store location and online shop. Because we stand behind our products, we offer 10 to 15 years warranty on all of the mattresses. We are committed to take back and replace your mattress Mississauga product if you have any problems during the warranty period.

Whether you ordered at the regular price or found a mattress sale, Mississauga residents and those who live in the Greater Toronto Area can receive free delivery. If you find what you like before midday, we provide same-day delivery.

Sustainable Mattress
Mississauga Materials

Whether people get one of our models at regular prices or found a mattress sale, Mississauga customers can be assured that the product was made with high quality materials that are healthy, durable and sustainably sourced. Reduced environmental impact is an important factor for many people whether they are buying a mattress or other bed materials like a duvet, pillows, cover and sheets. Both our classic and luxury collections have styles that are crafted with these eco-friendly materials:

Talalay latex

Talalay conforms to your body contours while also having a buoyancy. This relieves pressure on your body and provides stable support for your spine so you don’t wake up with aches.

Natural wool

This sustainable wool helps you regulate body temperature by keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Natural wool is inherently breathable and resists bacteria as well as dust mites.

Soy-based foam

This material is made from soybeans, which are a natural and renewable resource. They replace petrochemicals in the production of mattresses. They provide the firm support our bodies need to have a quality sleep.

Online Mattress
Sale Mississauga

Box models

For people who want to try some of our mattress in a box models without coming to our store, they can choose among these styles:

  • Luxury Dreamstar mattresses
  • Classic Aurora High Density Foam
  • Classic The Rock
  • Classic Serenity I

Mattress Mississauga

These mattress Mississauga models are com- pressed with a special machine and packed in conveniently-sized boxed that is shipped to your home. Don’t worry about being stuck with the mattress and being of money if it’s not right for you. We offer a 100-night sleep trials and a full refund if you want to return it.

For those who are keen to get an online mattress sale, Mississauga shoppers can keep checking back on our site.


If you know what you’re looking for, you can skip the trip to our store and order any of our products online in minutes. After you choose your mattress, you can find matching bed elements like sheets, duvet, cover and pillow.