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When you are looking for a good place to buy a new mattress in Vaughan, Sleep Masters Canada has something for you. Located in North York, our store has been supplying customers with quality mattresses for many years. Our store provides free express delivery to Vaughan for our wide range of 100% Canadian made mattresses. We offer an extensive range of sleeping options from standard mattresses to luxury options, including memory foam, pocket coil, pillowtop, and natural latex mattresses. Our goal is to provide our Vaughan customers with an exceptional sleeping experience that isn’t just enjoyable, but also improves your sleep quality.

If you require some help selecting which mattress will work best for you, use our online chat tool and our mattress specialists will be happy to assist you! Alternatively, please leave us a message and we will respond within 24 hours!

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

If you have ever looked for a good quality mattress, chances are you’ve come across gel memory foam. Gel technology is one of the latest innovations in memory foam. It provides all the same benefits as regular memory foam with the added comfort of controlling your mattress’s temperature. So, if you’re looking for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep, your search might end with a mattress featuring gel technology.

A few of our luxury mattress models utilize gel memory foam. Our gel memory foam mattresses help provide support and keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep, reducing back aches and pain. The benefits of a gel-infused memory foam mattress provide the comfort and support necessary for a good night’s sleep. 

Online Mattress Sale in Vaughan

When you’re looking for top quality sleeping options for affordable prices in Vaughan, there’s no better place to find quality mattresses that deliver for free than at our mattress store. We make it easy to find the perfect sleeping solution for you and your family.

At our mattress store, we have a wide variety of mattresses that can suit anyone’s preference and needs. We carry products such as memory foam, natural latex, and even pillowtop beds. Give us a call and we can help you make the right decision without feeling stressed or pressured.

For people who are always looking for a bargain mattress sale, Vaughan shoppers can find great deals at our retail location and online website. Because we stand behind our products, we offer 10 to 15 years of warranty on all of our mattresses. 

Customize Your Mattress

You can customize your mattress to fit your preferences and to look and feel the way you want. This means that you get to choose the size, height, surface and materials. These are some popular mattress features that people can choose to have:

  • Bamboo Fabric – Sustainable material that is one of the softest fabrics in the world and does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Memory Foam – Prevents pressure on different areas of our bodies including the hips and shoulders.
  • Orthopedic Support – Properly supports the body, especially the back and joints.
  • Organic Cotton – Made without toxic chemicals which is great for people who have sensitive skin.
  • Natural Latex – Helps keep your spine properly aligned while discouraging the buildup of moisture inside the mattress.

Superior comfort

By contouring your body, adapting to different pressure points and providing proper support for the spine.


Balanced support

By preventing the mattress from sagging while still providing a cushiony feel.



Because they return to their original shape after every night’s rest and you don’t have to flip the mattress.

Order Your Mattress Online Today!

You don’t have to visit a store if you know what you want, you can simply order any of our products online. After choosing your mattress, you’ll be able to find matching bed elements like pillows and bed frames. Shop with us now! 

Whether you get a mattress at regular price or on a mattress sale, our customers from Vaughan get peace of mind with a 10 to 15 year warranty on all of our models. If you have any problems during the warranty period, we will take back and replace the products.

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