Set Up a Bed in Box

How to Set Up a Bed in a Box

Bed in a box is a bedroom fixture that offers a number of functional uses. However, setting up this bed can be a complicated endeavour especially if you are doing so for the first time. Since you will most likely spend the bulk of your time in your bed, you need to make sure that the layout is perfect.

A few years ago, buying a bed in a box may have required that you go to a store to pick out your preference. However, today, you can easily buy one from the comfort of your home via an online store.

Buying this type of bed is one thing, setting it up is another issue entirely. Most people don’t know how to set up a bed in a box. As the leading online mattress store in Canada, our experts know just how to help you. In this article, we will explain how best you can set up a bed in a box for maximum comfort. 


Why You Need a Bed in a Box? 

A bed in a box offers you maximum functionality. Also, another plus that these mattresses offer is that shopping for this product is as easy as it can get. Below are some reasons you should consider buying this bedroom fixture for yourself:

There are various designs

This is a selling point that every manufacturer is taking advantage of. There are several types of bed in a box designs that are made to suit different needs and preferences of consumers. Each company offers specialization and innovation that can suit your particular needs.

All you have to do is search for the best option for you. Via an online store, you can take at the features of the ideal bed for you. This is is a huge reason why you get one for yourself.

It is cost-effective

Most of the beds in a box for sale are affordable and offer extensive benefits. With this type of bed, you can buy an affordable product that fits your specific needs – at the best prices too.

When you compare this mattress type with the traditional mattresses, they are also cheaper. Also, buying one from an online mattress store can come with discounts and promos that affect the cost positively.

It can be quickly delivered to your home

Thanks to the strides made by manufacturers in the aspect of delivery, you can have your bed in a box in Canada delivered wherever you want it. Delivery is usually a huge issue when it comes to buying a mattress. This is because you can order straight to your home.

Typically, delivery for a bed in a box is fast, convenient and stress-free. Of course, if you book for a delivery to be made to your home, you would have to cover the cost of doorstep delivery. This is a small price to pay for the ease that comes with the process.


How to Set up a Bed in a Box: Steps to Follow

To set up a bed in a box is not difficult. You don’t necessarily have to pay extra to get it setup. If you can have a few friends over while doing it, it gets especially easy.

If you have no idea how to set up your bed in a box, then you need to pay close attention to this section. In it, we will how you can have your mattress and bedding set up in less than 15 minutes. 

Take the box in

This is the very first thing you need to do. Get the bed into your bedroom, either with the help of your neighbour, or your friend. Your bed may be folded in a box but that doesn’t reduce the weight. You may have to employ the help of a partner. 

If you don’t have your box set up already, you need to do that before you unbox the mattress. This way, you won’t have to place your mattress on a dirty surface.

Unrolling the mattress

Once you have your bed or platform ready, then you need to place it in the proper position. Afterward, open the mattress, pull it off, and let it roll on the bed. You don’t need to place the mattress on your bedstead before you remove it from the box. You can place it on the floor and then remove it. 

Whatever you do, make sure you have a rolled out bed on the mattress. If the bed is packed well, you may notice a plastic used to keep the bed rolled up. Take extra care not to cut into the mattress itself while dismantling the mattress.

If there is any other wrapping on the mattress, make sure to remove it before you lay it on the foundation. Also, when you buy the mattress, you shouldn’t keep it in its packaging for too long. If it is left in the box for too long, the pressure that keeps it wrapped may affect it. If you are unavailable, you can reschedule the delivery and eventually set up a bed in a box at a convenient time.

Wait for a few hours

When you remove the bed from the box, it may look as if it is thinner than specified on the box by the manufacturer. If this is the case, there is no need to panic. Llay the mattress on the foundation, and then leave it for a few hours. 

The apparent ultra-thin size is as a result of the compression of the bed to make it fit in its packaging. This is why it is advisable not to leave the mattress for too long in its box. 

You can choose to use the bed immediately after its set up. However, it is better to leave it for some hours. It will take a few hours before it starts getting into shape. In fact, it may take a couple of days before it fully forms. 


Bed in a Box: Frequently asked questions

We have highlighted the three basic processes you need to follow so that you can successfully set up a bed in a box. There are, however, some questions you may still have in the process of buying one from an online mattress store. Why don’t we take a quick look at these questions?

How long should the mattress be in the box?

Most of the companies that make these beds have the policy that you remove the bed from the box within the first three months of production. This way, you can prevent the mattress from totally deforming. If you don’t do this, you risk voiding the warranty on your mattress. 

Is the smell from the mattress during the unboxing process dangerous?

The smell you perceive when you are removing the mattress from the box is not dangerous. This scent is the by-product of a harmless process known as off-gassing. 

If the smell from the bed is uncomfortable, you can start by leaving the mattress in an open space or a well-ventilated room. This way, the smell will be filtered out. There is no reason for you to be worried. If the bed is made to standard, the scent should not be unbearable.

Should I dispose of my old mattress?

The choice is all yours; you can either keep the old bed or dispose of it. If you do decide to keep the bed, it can serve alternate functions. If you decide to remove it, you can employ the removal services of the mattress store you are buying from – if they have one. 

You can also gift the bed to a close relative, or someone who needs it more than you do. Also, it is essential to know that if you are looking to sell, there are free online second-hand sales platforms. 



Sleeping well is a significant self-care activity, and with your bed in a box set up properly, you can achieve a perfect night’s sleep. From reading this short guide, we are sure that you now know the right way to set up a bed in a box.

Are you looking to buy this particular bedroom fixture for your room? Perhaps you have important questions about the correct specifications and dimensions that will be ideal for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are an online mattress store that cares. Our experts are more than willing to guide you into making the right decision. Contact us today!

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