What type of mattress is best for heavy people?

First things first, we are all different! There is no such thing as the ‘best’ mattress however, there is a ‘best’ mattress for each individual. In this blog post, we will discuss the best mattresses for heavier people.

It goes without saying, the heavier you are the better support system your mattress must have. It is not enough for your mattress just to be on the firmer side, it needs to be a well supported firmer mattress.

Although there are many brands and types of mattresses out there, shopping for a mattress that is suitable for heavier people is really straightforward.

We highly suggest firmer mattresses for heavier people. Most commonly, a pocket coil based mattress with layers of either high density foam, gel memory foam or natural latex on top. The exact firmness level will depend on which positions you most like to sleep in. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, we would recommend medium firm. If you are a back sleeper, we would recommend firm.

Aside from being on the firmer side, the best mattresses for heavier people should also have some, if not all of the following:

– Individually Wrapped Pocket Coils

Memory foam, Natural Latex, High Density Foam

– Edge support

– Cooling capabilities

Pocket Coils

Pocket coil mattresses are the go-to solution for heavy people. However, pocket coils do come in various forms. Pocket coils come in different gauge numbers which typically rank from 12-15. The lower the number, the thicker and stiffer the coil is. Heavier people should definitely look into mattresses with pocket coils with a gauge number of either 12 or 13. These coils also tend to last longer since they are thicker and it takes a much longer time for them to wear out.

Now, although pocket coils provide fantastic support, nobody sleeps directly on top of the pocket coils themselves. All pocket coil mattresses come with various layers of foams above them, and the best foam option is determined by the person sleeping on it. The two best pressure relieving foams are gel memory foam and natural latex. These foams, whilst available in medium firm, typically will not be available in an extra firm.

So we would recommend natural latex and gel memory foam for heavier people who like to sleep on their sides. Combined with a stiffer pocket coil base, these foams will provide just the right amount of ‘give’ for a side sleeper so that they can feel the mattress slightly curve around their hips and shoulders. Too firm of a mattress is not suitable for a side sleeper, and especially a heavy side sleeper, since this could make them feel like their shoulders and hips are ‘fighting’ against the mattress.

For back or stomach heavy sleepers however, the firmer the mattress, the better. This can be achieved with a stiff pocket coil base and layers of high density foam. High density foam is less forgiving compared to natural latex and gel memory foam and will provide less of a contouring motion at the sleep surface.

To put it simply:

– Heavy Side Sleeper: Natural latex and gel memory foam with stiffer pocket coil base
– Heavy Back and Stomach Sleeper: High density foam and stiff pocket coil base

Natural Latex

Natural latex deserves its own section since it is by far the most durable and pressure relieving foam out there. Now, although we recommend the combination of pocket coils and foam, the only exception for no pocket coils is if you have a mattress with a good chunk of natural latex.

Now bear in mind, this will not be firmer than a medium firm since the natural latex does not come in an extra firm form. So this would be ideal for a heavier person who is also a side sleeper and looking for a very comfortable, supportive and durable mattress. One of the best examples of this kind of mattress will be the Dreamstar Natural Escape Firm.

Best mattresses for heavier, back or stomach sleepers:

Dreamstar Chiro Firm
Dreamstar Orthosupreme

Best mattresses for heavier side sleepers:

Dreamstar Vion 
Dreamstar Prestige Firm

People who carry extra weight have a harder time getting a good night’s rest. That’s why mattresses that are specifically designed for heavy people should be found on the market. Here at Sleep Masters Canada, we offer a variety of high quality products so you can get a good night’s sleep. Browse our website or contact us if you need any assistance in finding the right mattress for you.