Q: When is it time to replace my mattress?

For many years, it was thought that the average life of a good mattress was in the 10-15 year range. Nowadays, the mattress industry recommends replacing your mattress every 5-7 years. It is difficult to set a guideline for the average life of a mattress since this is influenced by several factors: the quality of the product, the weight of the person(s) sleeping on the mattress, whether the mattress is one sided or two and even the box spring used to support the mattress. Unrelated to the durability of the mattress, comfort preferences of the person(s) sleeping on the mattress also change with time. For instance, someone looking for a firm mattress could decide 2 years later that actually they prefer softer mattresses. Generally, it is good to go by feel. If your current mattress is no longer giving you the same quality of sleep, it is probably time to invest in a new one.


Q: Do I need to replace my box spring?

A box spring is vital when purchasing a new mattress. Box springs act as a shock absorber and provide great support for your mattress. Essentially, it is important to have something that has the capability to flex when pressure is applied. If your current bed has wooden slats which can flex you should be ok with not buying a new box spring. However any other platform which does not flex will reduce the life and comfort of your mattress. An older box spring may suffer from fatigue and therefore reduce the life of your mattress. It is recommended to dish out a little extra money on a new box spring when buying a new mattress.


Q: What happens if my staircase is too narrow for a box spring to go up or down?

With a king size mattress a king size split box is provided so there will be no problem getting up or down the stairs. However, many customers have had problems with getting a queen size box through their staircase and in rare cases, a full size. In this case, we at Sleep Masters are happy to help you by manufacturing a custom split box for the queen and full sizes. No need to worry, split boxes provide the same support as a one piece box spring.


Q: What are the standard sizes of a mattress and their dimensions?

  • Twin/Single: 38” x 75”
  • Full/Double: 53” x 75”
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 76” x 80”

Please beware that there is a 1” tolerance either way for standard sized mattresses which is dependant on the padding of the mattress or the type of construction.

It is vital that you make comfort your priority when choosing the size of your mattress. Bear in mind that bigger is usually better since the average person moves 30 to 50 times per night. If there is more than one person sleeping on the mattress, we recommend a queen or king size mattress which will give you more freedom of motion during sleep. At Sleep Masters, we can also construct custom sized mattresses at any size you like.


Q: Do I have to flip my mattress?

Nowadays most mattresses are padded on just one side, so you couldn’t flip them anyway. However, if your mattress is double sided, there is absolutely no harm in flipping your mattress every few months or so. Flipping your mattress periodically will help minimize the body impressions and extend the life of your mattress.


Q: How much does delivery cost and how quickly can you guys deliver?

Sleep Masters conveniently offers weekday and Saturday delivery and on special circumstances, Sunday delivery. The delivery cost differs between locations however the usual cost of a delivery within the Greater Toronto Area is $25 – $50. Sleep Masters promises to have your new mattress set delivered within 2-3 days and in most cases, the next day. For same day delivery service please contact us directly and ask for availability.