6 Scary Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep can be due to many reasons. However, whatever the reasons may be, one thing is for sure; sleep deprivation is much more serious than you think! You may be surprised but actually sleep deprivation affects all aspects of your life. Here is a list of 8 everyday functions which may be affected by lack of sleep:

  1. Anger – Sleep deprivation primes us to focus on negative experiences rather than positive. This leads to us misinterpreting certain situations including facial expressions and can cause us to pick fights rather than being more peaceful.
  2. Memory Loss – Another scary effect of sleep deprivation is the loss of memories. When one does not get enough sleep, the brain decides not to encode certain information which leads to you not remembering certain memories whereas your family/friends may still remember them.
  3. Impaired Wit – The brain can be referred to as the highway of information for your body. Sleep deprivation keeps your brain from functioning properly and leaves the brain exhausted. Lack of sleep interferes with even the most basic things such as having a conversation and not being able to concentrate on what people are saying.
  4. Risky Decisions – Sleep deprivation can be especially dangerous for those people who make economic decisions on a regular basis. With lack of sleep, the brain’s reward center in the prefrontal cortex lights up, suggesting they expect to win.
  5. Head In The Clouds – We all lose focus every now and then, but sleep deprived people lose focus a lot more often. Brain activity linked to attention lapses changes when people sacrifice sleep. This can be extremely dangerous when driving, not just for you but also for the people around you.
  6. Heart Disease – One of the main reasons why we need to sleep is so that our body can carry out one of its more vital functions; to heal and repair our blood vessels and heart. Since sleep deprivation makes you more likely to gain weight, it also makes you more likely to have problems with your cardiovascular health. Sleep deprivation can eventually lead to problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. So whatever you do, do NOT sacrifice your sleep.